Monday, July 7, 2008

Bennett's first baby-sitter

We love Kelsey!!! We know that she is going to be an awesome baby-sitter for little B. I have known Kelsey for years and she has been a cast member on CR222 for a long time. I think she has been with me through 3 church productions, 25 episodes of CR222, a trip to Gatlinburg, 4 acting classes at the Armory and 2 acting camps, multiple trips to Camp Chandler, and lots and lots of car rides enduring loud boys in the backseat. So, from the second she heard I was pregnant, Kelsey volunteered to baby-sit and I gladly agreed. We have left Bennett a lot with my parents, but this was her first time with someone outside the family. The reason for us leaving her? We all went to see Kitt Kittredge: An American Girl. Yes, we ALL went. Including Rob. It was my niece's 8th birthday and that's what she wanted. I think Rob volunteered to stay with Bennett about 36 times, but we got him in the theatre. And he actually liked it, but would never tell you that. Anyway, Bennett loved Kelsey and she wants us to leave again so she can play with her favorite baby-sitter. Thanks, Kels. We love you.

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