Sunday, December 16, 2012

Just a little proud

We went to Bennett and Will's pre-school Christmas program last Thursday. The kids had been working on their lines and songs for several weeks and I couldn't wait to see them up on the stage.

Me? Excited to see my kids on a stage? Never.

My awesome parents drove from Montgomery to see the show and when we were seated we looked down at the program and this is what we saw.

Look closely at the name on the program. Bennett's teachers told us excitedly that her artwork had been chosen out of all the classes to be the cover of the program. I was so proud of her! And I do think that is a very good drawing for a 4 year old. But I am biased. Regardless, that will be in a 16x20 frame in our house from now on. Come look anytime. There will be a giant floodlight positioned right on it. Can't miss it.

The program started and just as it was in their soccer games, my kids approach to the dramatic arts was wildly different.

Bennett was very precise and methodical. She memorized her lines the day she brought them home. In fact, the teacher gave her extra lines because she delivered them so well. She sang loudly and was on pitch. She was seriously a wonderful little performer.

Here is Miss Prim and Proper delivering her lines perfectly. Wow, that was some good alliteration. But she did. I have to say she really was a natural. If you can say that about a 4 year old. But look at the girl photo bombing behind her. I love that kid.

And then there's Will. He knew his lines too, but they weren't delivered with such perfection. They were loud, rushed, and spoken with much gusto. But he knew them and didn't have a shy bone in his body as he marched forward to deliver them. 

During the song portion, Bennett was on pitch and clear and Will's voice was all over the map. He sang notes I had never heard, but they were delivered with such "enthusiasm" that you couldn't help but smile.

While other kids said their lines, both of my children did in fact sit quietly. But their facial expressions were very different. Can you tell?

Here they are showing their mirrors at the end of the program. Because what Jesus really wants for Christmas is you! Get it? Sure you do. Bennett is on the back row sitting still with her mirror. Will is in the front row flailing his about.

 And here is the final shot that I took. There's Daddy all the way on the left playing guitar for the program. Bennett is still sitting perfectly still on the back right row. And where is Will? Oh, he's nowhere to be found because that "mean 'ole Wyatt" bonked him on the head with a mirror so he was being comforted by a teacher as she consoled him regarding the injustices of mirror injuries.

I sure do love my kids. They are so different, yet so perfectly unique and wonderful in their own way. Just how God made them. And I absolutely adore sitting through pre-school Christmas programs. When Bennett was first born I couldn't wait for moments like these. And I am so grateful for them.


Anonymous said...

Oh, photo bomber. I bet she's a trip!

This is a great post.

terrymary said...

Tell Bennett and Will that I am so proud and wish I could have been there! Can I get an autographed copy of Bennett's famous artwork or program?