Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Happy Birthday, Coke Bear

We do a lot of fun activities with our kids outside of the house. If there is any type of festival going on, we are there. Outdoor movies on a lawn? We get front row seats. Wood carving classes at the local civic center? Sign us up!

Okay, maybe not the last one, but we do try to get out and enjoy what our community has to offer. But I think in 20 years when my kids are grown, I want to rememebr the not so special days the most. The ones where we just got down on the floor and played. The rainy days where we stayed home and used our imaginations. The days where we just had quality family time.

Yesterday was one of those days. We didn't have anything special planned. I asked the kids what they wanted to do and Bennett said she wanted to have a birthday party for Coke Bear.

**Side Note- Coke Bear is a little stuffed animal she won playing a game at the Pumpkin Patch. He is her animal du jour. It will change next week. But for now, Coke bear is the man. Or the bear. ***

Anyway, I decided that it was a great idea to have a party for Coke Bear. Preparations took all day long. There were games to be organized, invitations to be sent out, treats to be made, and decorations to be hung. It turned a rainy day into a very fun and memorable day that was completely cartoon free. Another bonus! I didn't take a lot of pics, but here are a few that I did quickly snap.

Since I didn't know about the party until 5 minutes before we started planning, I didn't have time to make sure we had ingredients for cupcakes. But I did realize that we had Rice Krispies, marshmallows, and butter. All we needed. Then I pulled out the leftover sprinkles and decorations from our cookie decorating party., called the kids in to help, and.....

...Voila! Christmas random Rice Krispie Treats. Perfect for a stuffed bears birthday.

I didn't take any pictures of the kids working all afternoon, but believe me, they did. Bennett made invitations for all of her other stuffed animals. There were all invited. Piccadilly, Beauty, Austin, Purr, Puppy, and Katie all made the list. Then Bennett and Will decorated with ribbons and pictures. When Daddy came home from work we started the party. I didn't have candles, so Coke Bear blew out a lighter. High class, people.

Thomas the train and Beauty watched in jealousy. They certainly have never had a birthday party this elaborate.

 Time to unwrap presents!

After the presents and treats, it was time for pony rides. Any good birthday party has pony rides, don't you know?

Will really really wanted Lainey to ride a pony. We finally convinced him that a baby doll would be a good substitute until Lainey could, oh I don't know, hold her head up on her own.

We had many other activities. We put together puzzles, camped out in tents, climbed on Daddy, and colored. Bennett had it all planned out.

I wanted to blog about this, because I want to remember it. I am going to remember trips to Disney, parades, and big events. But one day when the kids and I are looking over this blog, I want to remember the ordinary days. The days where we stayed in pajamas and threw birthday parties for stuffed animals. Because those are the ones that make me realize how lucky I am for the awesome privilege to be their Mom.

Happy Birthday, Coke Bear. Thank you for giving my daughter an outlet to use her imagination and for giving me a night to delight in the creativity of my children and the love of my family.

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I love your family.

At La Guardia now about to leave NYC. I think you would be proud. Still one more day to post. But, you can browse for now.