Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Santa Update

I had a friend comment below that our trip to see Santa this year may have resulted in a less than proper looking Santa. Is that the right way to put it? I agree wholeheartedly. We did in fact take our annual trip to Bass Pro Shop but this was the result we got. Terrible.

We also saw Santa at this Holiday wonderland thing. And this was the result. Pretty good. Close first runner up when choosing the yearly Santa pic.

And then we happened upon Santa at a pancake breakfast at our former church. Yes, the suit wasn't as dashing, and Santa looked suspiciously like a brunette, but it is by far the best one of the kids, so there you go.

2012- the year with the sketchy looking Santa, but the one where the kids looked cute.


Laura Forman said...

you know what's funny....I never even looked at Santa, I only looked at your cute kiddos!!

Jessie said...

Does 2012 Santa look like the one from Elf? Did he smell of meat and cheese?