Saturday, December 22, 2012

Stone Mountain Christmas

We have really been missing Kansas City this Christmas. For the past three Christmases Rob and I would look at each other and say, "Hey, let's go down to Union Station to see the trains" or "Let's go look at the lights at the Plaza." We loved watching the ice skaters at the Crown Center, seeing the lights at Longview Lake, and going to Christmas Card Lane. And this was the year I was going to take Bennett to the Nutcracker Tea which is where they have a wonderfully elaborate tea for children with a shortened production of the Nutcracker performed by the Kansas City Ballet. Sigh....

So, anyway we decided to take a weekend and do something really special and fun since there wasn't as much to do here in Dothan. We found out that Stone Mountain (a park outside of Atlanta, Georgia) has an awesome setup at Christmas where they turn this village at the bottom of the mountain into a Christmas village. Really? Sign us up! The Websters were officially ready for a weekend getaway.

We got to the park and checked into our hotel, fed Lainey, and then headed straight out the door to find Christmas festivities. We had to stop to climb a tree first. Naturally.

And then we entered the gates. There's Stone Mountain (obviously) with this adorable village at the bottom.

We're here! Let the party begin!

We spent the first evening checking out everything. They were showing the Polar Express (a 20 minute version) in 4-D, there were fire roasting pits for S'mores, toy shops, other Christmas revue type shows, train rides, parades, and much more.

Mrs. Claus had a storytime at Gingerbread Village. Of course Bennett had to go up at the end to ask her questions. We call her our little Hermione Granger.

The train pulled into the station at this point and my son was in heaven!

 Here are me and my girls waiting for the parade to start.

 Then my buddy decided to join the shot. Have I mentioned lately how much I love these kids?

Let's have a parade!

Hmmm...this isn't the parade, but Rob took this shot and I thought it was pretty.

Maybe it's not Macy's, but we'll take it!

We stopped to check out an outdoor performance of A Christmas Carol. My kids were fascinated. I thought they might grow restless, but they loved it.

We then went to another theatre to see a show about how a bunch of toys saved Christmas.

Bennett has talked about it non-stop. I hope she loves theatre as much as I do. I think she's well on her way.

Enjoying another show with Daddy.

We then decided it was time to ride the train. This was my favorite thing of the day. They turn off all the lights and have a Christmas sing-a-long. I loved riding the train at night holding my kids and singing Christmas carols. Not to sound too completely cheesy, but it was magical.

 Me and Bennett watching the train pull up. Think she got her wavy hair from me? Nah.

Stopping for some hot chocolate after our train ride. Could this be any more beautiful?

Then it was getting late so we decided to head on out. We missed the fireworks and grand finale, but the kids were wiped. We stayed at Stone Mountain Inn on property so we walked back to our hotel and we actually caught the end of the fireworks show from the balcony of our room.

The next morning we had a fabulous breakfast in our hotel and then it was time to head to the top of the mountain. The kids were so excited to ride in their first cable car. 

 We made it to the top!

Hey! Three of us made it to the top.

Well, how about that? Our whole family made it! It was awesome walking out across the top of the mountain on a crisp winter morning. The mountain overlooks Atlanta and it is an absolutely beautiful view. I love this picture of my whole family together.

Heading back down.

 We headed back to the village and they have an awesome indoor playground called, "The Barn." It is a 4 level playhouse where you can shoot foam balls out of cannons on all levels. The kids could have stayed for hours. But Mom and Dad (and Lainey) were pretty spent by this point so we decided to head home.

Good-bye Stone Mountain. Thanks for an awesome weekend.

One final obligatory touristy shot.

And just to cap off our weekend perfectly, when we got home we discovered that people were caroling all throughout our neighborhood in horse drawn carriages. Of course they were. Perfect.

We may be living in a much smaller town than we were last year at this time, but we will find things to do! That is one thing we never have to worry about. What a great weekend spent with the people I love most. I am so thankful.

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The Khans said...

This looks so fun. We will have to try it out next year. leave it to you to find all these places.