Sunday, December 23, 2012

Sights and Sounds

Just a few pictures from our December adventures that I need to post. The kids and I have loved going through the blog this year and looking at my December posts from previous years. I've realized this year more than ever what a wonderful scrapbook this blog has become. We can scroll down the sidebar and within seconds look at December 2009 and laugh at how bald Will was or how funny Mommy looked wearing the Elf hat. So before December wraps up here are some shots I want to post so we can look back one day and remember the wonderful adventures we had as a family.

 We went to a Holiday Lights Spectacular in Wicksburg, AL. It was honestly an amazing display. I was really impressed.

 Love, love, love this shot of Will hugging the guy in red.

 Roasting marshmellows. Is it me or is she looking more and more grown-up every day. Looking back over the old blog posts has shown that to me so clearly this past week. My baby girl.

 Writing letters to Santa.
 All Will's letter said was that he wanted a puppy dollhouse (?) and then he went on to express his feelings to Santa. Yup. That's my Will.
 Bennett's was methodical and detailed. Yup, that's my Bennett.
 We drove to Montgomery one weekend for the lighting of the Capitol Christmas Tree.
 My parents joined us for a very, ummm.... interesting parade. Let's just say high school cheerleaders have changed drastically since I was one. In terms of outfits and dance moves. Enough said.
 My Mom's side of the family met us down there. I absolutely love this group shot. I love my aunt, uncle, and cousin so very much.

My kids enjoying the parade with their 2nd cousin, Elijah Brooks.
The best cousin I could ever ask for. 5 1/2 months apart in age and best friends since the day I was born.

Sleeping in Heavenly peace

Lainey is wondering what she did to deserve such a fate as this.

Daddy's girl

My oldest.

My Middle

My youngest


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