Saturday, March 20, 2010

You got me feeling emotions

Is that Mariah Carey song stuck in your head now as well? Whoa Whoa Whoa- YOU'VE got me feelin' e-mo-shuns!

Anyway, that song is in my head constantly these days because Bennett is constantly telling me how she feels. For a few months it was just, "I so happy," or "I so sad." But now the child feels compelled to tell me everything she's feeling.

We took her on her first amusement park ride- the Tilt-a-whirl. Don't ask why. I am still trying to understand what in my process of using good judgement possessed me to try that one out. But all I have heard for days now is, "I so scared of the ride, Mama. I so scared of the ride."

Her last cousin left yesterday. Now I hear, "I so sad, Mama. Pipuh on da hairplane, Mama. I so sad. Pipuh on da hairplane."

She tells me when she's tired, mad, sad, hungry, and happy. I love it. I love knowing how she is feeling.

However, right now she is face down on the floor right beside me crying because I won't let her go play in the snow. Yes, I said snow. IT IS SNOWING!!! On March 20th!!! But I won't let her go outside right now and she is bawling and saying, "I so sad at the snow, Mama. Bennett go outside? I so sad, Mama. Oh, no. Bennett play in snow, Mama? Oh, no. I so sad."

She can't get what she wants, but I like the fact that she can tell me.

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Erin said...

I love it!! Hysterical about the amusement park ride - you are a much braver momma than I am! So sorry about the snow - I won't tell you it was 75 degrees today here :) Miss you SO very much. I heard all the girls had a blast in KC. We should come visit.