Thursday, March 4, 2010

Birthday part 1

Here are a few pictures from Bennett's actual birthday. We are having a small party for her tomorrow. Nothing fancy because, well, she's only 2. No need for that yet. We waited a week because her grandparents and cousins came into town today. Hooray! But we wanted to make her day special so we did a few things to celebrate.

We covered her floor in balloons in the middle of the night while she was asleep. She woke up to a lot of balloons on her floor and it cost us less than a dollar. Nice.

I read an article in a magazine that was giving examples on how to make the day special for your kids. They asked why we only put candles in cake? Why not put candles in pancakes? Peanut butter and jelly? Let them have candles all day long. Why not? I loved that idea and so I made her pancakes and put candles in. We also hung her Mickey mouse banner. She was soooo happy. She came downstairs and said, "It's a birthday party." The next morning she asked for pancakes with candles.

We took her to a playground because it was actually above freezing that day. We don't have pictures because we were too busy taking video. But that night we took her to Chuck-E-Cheese. Here she is with Daddy enjoying pizza.

Will rode his first ride and wasn't scared at all.

Ending the day with more slides.

After Chuck-E-Cheese we went to a friends house who was having a huge party. We told Bennett it was for her birthday. They hired a band for the party and we told Bennett that we were the coolest parents in the world for having a band at her 2nd birthday. She didn't buy it. But she didn't care either since her best friend Levi was there.

So we had a fabulous day and tried to do little things to make it special. But her big fiesta is tomorrow. Aren't week long birthdays the best?

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The Scott family said...

So cute! I love week long birthdays! Brittny & Courtney were good sports for years of them! :)