Tuesday, March 30, 2010

My Morning Conversation

While reading a book to Bennett-

Me: (started the book on page 4) Mickey ran to the clubhouse and yelled, "Oh, Toodles!"
Bennett: No, No, Mama. Minnie Book.
Me: What?
Me: I am reading the Minnie book.
Bennett: No, No, Mama. (She takes the book from me and opens to the first page where Minnie Mouse is reading a book. I am clearly caught at skipping pages. Dang. Those days are over.)
Me: Good job, Bennett. Smart girl.
Bennett: Yup, Mama.

-5 minutes later-

Bennett: I so sad at the rainbows, Mama.
Me: You're so sad at rainbows? Why, baby?
Bennett: Rainbows on fingernails.
Me: Really?
Bennett: Uh, huh.

-2 minutes later-

Bennett: Mama, fruit snack on my hand.
Me: Oh, you want me to deliver your fruit snack right to your hand?
Bennett: Yes. Fruit snack in Bennett's hand.
Me: Wow, your majesty. Would you like a foot rub as well?
Bennett: Okay.

-Just now-

Bennett: I no like Will.
Me: Yes, you do. That's not nice.
Bennett: I no like him!!!
Me: He's your brother. You do like him.
Bennett: What's this, Mama?
Me: Ummmm..... that's an envelope. I thought we were talking about Will.
Bennett: I no like envelope.


Caroline Armstrong said...

Okay...THAT is hilarious!!!!!!! She sure is a smart girl!
I am so glad you are documenting your conversations...you are going to LOVE looking back on that, on top of the fact that it is extremely entertaining to read!

As for the pacies...they have never really been an issue for me, kyle was the one who hated them. And since I am the one who is with them all the time, I figured, I should atleast be able to give them someting that will make them happy. But I swear to you, they fall in black holes everywhere and I honestly think we have spent $500 on pacies over the past 3 years, and i have wasted about 1,000 hours of my life looking for pacies. Saturday night I finally just had it with them!!! We tried getting rid of them before, you know that pacie fairy, mailing them to cousins, etc, and none of it worked. So we kind of just had to do it cold turkey. It has not been pretty, but a girlfriend told me to give it 4 days. SO we are on day 2 1/2...we will see!!!! xoxo

Caroline Armstrong said...

I am sorry I left you a novel on my last comment!!!! I just need to start emailing with you:)