Sunday, March 28, 2010

I would be funnier if I were British

Why is it when you see a movie, you fall in love with an absentminded heroine who is always getting herself into scrapes? So many movies come to mind, but I guess the classic would be "Bridget Jones Diary."

Bridget can barely dress herself, makes a mess of everything, eats ice-cream while crying on a couch, mangles conversations endlessly, and yet we love her. We root for her. And yet I do those things on a daily basis and I am what my daughter refers to as a "hot mess." I have decided that it would be better if I were British.

If you wanted to hear about all of my misadventures you would either need 22 hours to spare or just talk to my parents. A friend in college used to tell me that I could stand in the middle of a field with nobody around me for 10 miles and drama would find me. I think I have a lot less drama these days, but it's mainly because I have passed my flair for getting into scrapes on to a certain red headed 2 year old.

However, I did have one the other night. I used to have 5 a day so now that I have limited them to one a week, I am doing pretty good. But Rob and I had tickets to a Bon Jovi concert on Tuesday night. We lined up a sitter, had the tickets out, and were just waiting to go live on a prayer. I got on the computer the night before to see who the opening act was. I realized within 10 seconds that the concert had started an hour prior to my online searching. Wrong night. Wrong. Just wrong.

I cried. Well, I got depressed. Close enough. And then I did what anyone else would do. I ran out the door, called a friend, and told her to get out of her dreams and into my car. (Another 80's reference. I'm good.) She protested. I told her she had no option. She agreed. She got in my car and even managed to have on a snazzy top and mascara. We made it to the concert and only missed the opening act and about 4 of Mr. Jovi's songs.

But when I reflect on this, I realize that I just sound scattered and disorganized. But if Bridget Jones did it, she would be a lovable goof. So as I look back at so many of my "hot messes", I have realized that they would be a whole lot more endearing if I were British. I should move to England now to save Bennett from herself.


The Howell's said...

hahaha!!!! this makes me laugh so hard b/c you have always been a movie star to me! one of the many reasons i love you! you will always be my bridget jones. i had more fun living with you and the many ways you made my life more exciting. even if what was happening had nothing to do with me. made me feel like i wasn't so boring! i'll be british with you if you want.

The Scott family said...

You're funny even though you're an American! :)

Carmen & Eddie said...

mydear- Eddie and I have decided you need to write a column for a newspaper or magazine- josh grogan style, for you have away with words, and the stories to share!! i love that b says hot mess!!!