Saturday, March 20, 2010

What a difference a day makes

This was us yesterday. Playing in the yard. Short sleeves. Bare feet.

This was us today enjoying the first day of Spring.

Kansans are officially crazy. Or at least their weather systems are. I suppose they are not to blame.


starnes family said...

I will continue to take responsibility and apologize for this insanity. When the Starnes family shows up, things get a little wild.

At least your punkins look precious snow or shine!

Brittny said...

and i thought AL had crazy weather. we just have two seasons instead. well, except this year, we all got to experience winter! i just checked the weather here and it's supposed to get cold again tomorrow. i won't say how cold b/c it's still not snowing, but we definitely enjoyed our time without jackets as well. i know you hate it, but at least snow in your yard is prettier than dirty, gray, black mud in the weeds. that's what i have to look at.

Erin said...

That really is insane!

Stacy said...

Bennett looks a bit more tentative in the grass than she does in the snow -- I think she's getting the hang of the winter, at least! Come visit us in Texas and we'll give you rain one day and blistering heat the next. We sure do miss you guys!

-- Aunt Stacy

Carmen & Eddie said...


Anna said...

and i thought our weather was extreme here! wow!