Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Some recent faves

I think (like most families) we have hundreds of great pictures that I never post. But here are three recent favorites that I thought I would share.

My messy little boy

Sharing a cool drink on a hot ride

Walking down a snow covered path

Keep in mind that the sunny wagon ride and the snowy walk came within 48 hours of each other. Totally bizarre, but it makes for some great pictures.


starnes family said...

Definitely some great photos! Your camera is awesome and so are your skills.

Carmen & Eddie said...

love them!!! you guys have some great modles and mad skills!

Caroline Armstrong said...

Well those 3 pictures are GREAT! (ESP. love the first one!!!!) I am still just so floored by your weather. I mean, how do you have any idea when to put winter stuff away and bring spring clothes out?

Anna said...

love that messy face and so sweet of bennett to share!