Friday, March 5, 2010

Party Girl

We had Bennett's 2nd birthday party tonight. We kept it very small because I didn't want to overwhelm her and it turned out to be perfect. We had Bennett's grandparents, two of her cousins, and two of our favorite families in Kansas. What a sweet day celebrating our favorite two year old.

Getting ready for a Par-tay!

Will decided to get in on the shot. What sweet children.

Friends are arriving. Let's eat!

Opening gifts with her cousins looking on.

I absolutely love this picture! She's like, "Wow, Mom. What a cool gift."

I made her a Mickey Mouse cake. I was pretty proud of myself for this.

Chocolate cake? Bring it!

Cake AND ice-cream? I mean, how much better can this night get?

Fun group shot. Thanks, Jess for taking the picture.

It ain't a party until the clothes start coming off.

Thanks, Mommy. Let's do it again next year.


Lori Mercer said...

So So Sweet!! Love it! :)

Carmen & Eddie said...

seriously Sebastian and Bennett would so totally get along- they both LOVE Mickey!!! Very creative idea for the cake!!! I cheesed out and bought ours from the store!

Erin said...

So fun! I am so glad that your parents, Emmie, and Sutton were able to be there for that. I hear Piper is coming up soon! YAY!

Anna said...

so cute! i just love her face when she's opening that present! priceless!