Thursday, October 1, 2009

Three Months Old

A few things about my sweet William on his 3 month birthday

-He loves loves loves to cuddle. He would be content to be held all day.

-Soft music calms him down when he is upset. If he is crying in the car, we turn on a classical CD and he stops crying within seconds.

-He loves to smile. Will just smiles all the time. If you leave him alone and he starts to cry, all you have to do is lean over him and smile and he stops crying and gives you the biggest smile back.

-He can't sleep sometimes because he is so happy to see me. I know that's weird, but I will have him almost asleep on my chest. I will just be watching TV or reading a book. Then I will look down and make eye contact with him. He will gasp and break into the biggest smile and wake himself up.

-He follows you with his eyes wherever you go. Bennett was a lot more independent and content to chill at his age. Rattles and toys would occupy her just fine. But not Will. He needs people and would prefer to be held to anything in the world.

-He has the other half of my heart.

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Caroline Armstrong said...

Oh that is just precious!!!!! NOTHING in the world like a sweet baby laying on your chest!