Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Everyone else is posting PPP's, so I will too.

What are PPP's? Why they are Pumpkin Patch Pictures, of course. They have become a Fall tradition. PPP's have joined the ranks of pumpkin muffins, chunky sweaters, and college football Saturdays. In fact, I don't know what we will do when the kids are grown and we don't take PPP's anymore. You may see Rob and I in 20 years wandering aimlessly around a pumpkin patch taking pictures of each other next to pumpkins because we won't know what else to do. But for now, we are thoroughly enjoying our latest Fall tradition and we have the PPP's to prove it.

Will giving his cousin a big smile.

Bennett and her cousins. Will is going to either hate family vacations or always beg to bring a friend. Oh, and please notice the pumpkin on Bennett's sock. She thought she was hot stuff. She was very mad at me the next day because her sock did not have a pumpkin on it. She pulled it off and said, "Pumpkin sock, okay?"

Getting a helping hand

We ran into my cousin at the PP and got a picture of all of the great grands for my sweet Grandmother. Here are 7 of the 8 Patterson great grandchildren. We missed you Elijah Brooks!

Hey, wow! This pumpkin is about 8 times bigger than me.

Hey guys, I know you all think this is cute, but I am seriously about to fall over.

And finally, my family. We added a new member since last years's shot which I am posting below to contrast.

What a difference a year makes.

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Anna said...

what a change from last year! love the pictures! you might as well start planning to take a friend for will! :) what a happy baby boy though!