Thursday, October 15, 2009

Next time we're flying

So, driving home from Alabama we decided to follow the Garmin's directions. We knew that it was taking us on some back roads far away from any Interstate, but what's life without a little adventure, right? I think someone needs to remind me and Rob and you shouldn't try to be adventurous when you have 2 babies under 2.

We left Montgomery at 2:00 Sunday afternoon (More about the trip later, I promise.) Bennett was exhausted. If you don't believe me, scroll down to see the picture of her at church sprawled out on the floor. Will did not want to be in his car seat and didn't mind letting us know. So here was our trip.

2:00 We start out for home.
2:15 Bennett is crying and wants to get out and walk. She keeps crying,
"Okay, walk. Please, home? Okay, Home? Please, Mommy?" We are not even to Prattville.
2:20 I am trying to sing "Twinkle Twinkle" and make everyone happy.
Bennett tells me stop.
2:30 I spell something suspicious in the car. Rob blames it on Will. I have my doubts.
2:45 Bennett yells, "Home! Please, Mommy?" We're not even to Birmingham.
3:30 Bennett has finally calmed down and is reading a book but STILL hasn't napped.
4:00 Will needs to eat.
4:15 Will is finished eating. Bennett hates all of her books and wants a new one.
We don't have a new one to give her. She hits the back of Rob's seat.
4:30 Will is crying because he hasn't slept either.
5:00 Bennett needs to eat.
6:30 I need to go to the bathroom, but we are on some back road in Arkansas
and I refuse to stop at Big Lil's Stop and Go to relieve myself.
7:00 Still no bathroom. Bennett is demanding Night Night.
7:15 I am on my sixtieth round of "The Wheels on the Bus."
8:00 Still no bathroom.
8:30 Will needs to eat. Bennett is mad because we stopped the car.
9:00 I finally use the bathroom at a broken down BP. I don't touch anything.
9:15 Bennett falls asleep and stops hitting the back of Rob's seat,
10:00 Rob needs to go to the bathroom, but we are in the middle of Missouri
and don't want to stop at Ted's firework shack.
10:30 Something smells in the car again. This time Rob's right. It is Will.
We stop to change Will and Bennett wakes up. She hits her head against
the window and begs to go home
11:00 We are exhausted and ready to stop for the night.
We decide to pull over at the next hotel.
11:30 No hotel.
12:00 No hotel.
12:30 Bennett wakes up and tells us she is going to report us to Social Services.
12:45 Will decides to file a report as well.
1:00 We find a hotel in Springfield, Missouri. Thank you, Lord.
1:20 We are in our room. Bennett gets a huge second wind and starts jumping up and
down on the bed.
1:45 Will is crying. Bennett is still jumping. She has had a change of heart
and thinks that this is the best day ever.
2:00 12 hours after we left Montgomery, everyone is asleep.
7:00 We're up and ready to start all over again.

We have our plane reservations booked for Thanksgiving.


Anna said...

oh my...i'm so sorry :( flying sounds much better!!!

Ali said...

Oh, We have so been there before! I felt your pain as I read the post. Evrytime we take a long car trip I arrive home saying ,"We will NEVER do that again!" The trip home is always worse than the trip there. It was great to see ya'll even if only for a minute.
Take care

Christine said...

that gives me anxiety just reading it. we are headed to NC for thansgiving and it's only a 7 hr drive and I'm dreading it already.

Erin said...

Funniest thing I have ever read!! And I thought my 7 hour drive today was rough..., can't imagine a 12 hour drive (in one day), with 2 kids. You are super mom!! See you Thanksgiving! I'll even pick you up from the airport :)

Caroline Armstrong said...

Though we have had some similar moments...I am getting so flustered reading your post! It sounds absolutely 100% nerve shattering!!!!!!
I cannot imagine those 12 hours but your children are lucky you are so patient! How did you get Bennett to sleep finally in the hotel. Did she just crash??