Friday, October 23, 2009

Someone loves the camera

I can't videotape Bennett anymore. She has discovered that the viewfinder turns around. And now my little narcissist is obsessed with seeing herself. I know all kids do this, but it's still pretty funny. She has started saying, "Hey Budd-ee" to Will, and "Hey Guurllll" to Meg and so I wanted to capture that. This is what I got.

Oh, and please notice how she will go from screaming to sunny once the camera turns on her. Poor William never had a chance to smile for the camera. He was too overwhelmed.


Erin said...

SO unbelievably cute!!!! I love the "gurrrrllll"!!! Why don't we live in the same city now?? Some timing huh?

Anna said...

hilarious! bennett was not about to share the camera! addie saw me watching it and was like "more"! she loved seeing bennett (and the little bit of will that bennett allowed!).

Kristin said...

Clearly the drama/theatrical gene has passed down to the next generation. Love it.