Monday, October 19, 2009

Sweet Home Alabama

Finally, a week after we got back, I am posting pictures of our trip home. I really don't know what to write about the trip. It was needed, it was wonderful, it was fun, and it was rejuvenating. I hadn't been back to Alabama in 7 months and I was thrilled to finally go home and see my grandmother, introduce Will to my friends, worship at my church, and just be surrounded by familiarity and comfort. I think I had every lunch and dinner with a different friend every day and then I would meet someone else for coffee after the kids were asleep. I loved every minute.

But you know what's funny? I was ready to come home. To Kansas. It was nice to know that I do consider Kansas home now and I really do love my life here. After a wonderful week in 'Bama, we were were all happy to be back and settled in our home. That was a very nice revelation and it's nice to know that I have 2 wonderful homes. Here are some pictures from our fun week.

Will meeting his great grandmother.

My sweet friends Courtney and Suzanne.

Bennett and Will with the kids of our best friends, the Segars.

Chilling with our cousins.

The old planning team reunited. We love John and Cyndi!

Some of our dearest friends and partners in ministry

Me with my blog's biggest fan!! Shout out to Julie Oakes!

Last year Jerrod would always hold baby Bennett, but this year he and Abby are holding baby Will.

Rob, Corey, and Phil back together. But this year, they aren't sopping.

I miss my dear friend Lenore more than I can say, but we are going to start a book club through Skype, so it's all good.

Rob with Anthony and Tommy.

God has truly blessed us with friends that remain close no matter the distance. And we are very thankful.

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