Tuesday, October 6, 2009


I will blog later about my trip to Alabama. I can't even begin to blog about it now because it has been so wonderful. I didn't know how much I missed everyone until I went to church on Sunday. All I can say is that I am filled. Does that make sense? Just filled and content. More about that later...

So today I went to an elementary school to have lunch with 2 of my nieces. I surprised them and was waiting outside of their lunch rooms. They get to sit at a special table with their visitor and can choose one friend to join them for lunch. My niece in first grade chose her friend, Braxton. Here was part of our conversation.

Me: So, Halloween is coming up.
Braxton: Yup.
Me: What are you going to be?
Braxton: Jesus! Or an eyeball.
Me: (choking on my lovely lunch meat) Oh, well, I'm sure either one would be great.
Braxton: Or a flag football player.

I went to my niece's Bible Club after school. The leader asked the question,

"What do you think Mary must have been like?"

4th grader: "Well, um..... she was sort of like surrounded by shepherds so she was probably pretty, but not like Hannah Montana pretty."

My niece's friends rock. That's all I can say.

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Caroline Armstrong said...

You know, Jesus...or an eye ball. Potatoe, potahhtoe. That is so funny!!! Gotta love their innocently hysterical comments. That brightened my day! Thank you!