Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Saying Good-bye

I met some of the kids of my TV show, "Chain Reaction 222" for dinner last night. We met at Stevie B's pizza of course. That's where we went every month to wrap up an episode and celebrate that we had another one in the can. I cannot say enough about how much I am going to miss these kids and the show itself. I got hooked on children's theatre when I spent a summer in Pennsylvania performing at a theatre near Philadelphia. We had to do a children's show every Saturday morning and from then on I was hooked. I travelled with the Missoula Children's Theatre for a year and a half all over the US and Europe and I have taught acting lessons to kids here in Montgomery for 5 years at a local performing arts center.

But I must say that this TV show has been one of the best experiences of my life. It combined every one of my passions which included children, drama, editing, writing, and directing into one production. I loved seeing kids excited about drama. I loved teaching kids who wanted to use their talents to tell other kids about the Lord. I loved kids at home thinking it was cool to be a Christian or cool to be in the arts. I loved everything about it and to say that I will miss the show and these kids is a huge understatement.

Here are just a few of the way too many pictures I took last night. I will continue to pray for each of these kids and I am so excited to stay in touch with them and see what the future has in store.

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