Thursday, December 4, 2008

Missing Daddy

Can a 9 month old really be aware that her Daddy hasn't been home for 5 days? I am not sure, but I think Bennett is catching on to that. Rob left on Saturday and for the first few days everything was completely normal. But then, yesterday, I think it hit us all. Even the unborn one. Maybe it was all of the Christmas shows on TV that made me sentimental, maybe it was the fact that Bennett refused to nap all day, maybe it was because I was bent over a trash can for a good part of the day, but yesterday was rough.

We hooked up our webcam again last night to see Rob. The first time Bennett squealed and stared at the computer in awe. When she saw him last night, she burst into tears. I think I did too. And in her nine months of life she has never slept in our bed. She has been in a bassinet in our room, but never in our bed. Since Rob has been gone, she has slept there twice. I think she misses her goodnight songs with the guitar or the funny muppet song Daddy sings to her at night. I am not sure, but when I put her to bed in her crib, she has pulled up on the sides and called out for me. She then yells, "Mamamama" until I pick her up and carry her to bed with me. Then she relaxes, sighs, and holds my finger. I think she needs me more than ever. And I think her Mom feels the same way about her.


The Khans said...

Ahhh, that's so cute and comforting, but I am sure a little hard too when she won't nap and you aren't feeling well. Sorry to hear that. Please call me if you need anything. I am just a few minutes away :-)

Anna said...

ok...if i didnt have a sick baby, i would be at your house yesterday to whisk bennett away for a few hours :( i'm so sorry youre feeling so rotten on top of all of this! please call me if i can do anything!

Carmen & Eddie said...

Oh My- my heart aches for you!!! How long will till the reunion? Just keep loving on that sweet girl:)