Friday, December 19, 2008

My little elf

Bennett had her nine month check up today. So what if she will be ten months next week? We do what we can, right? So the good news is that her length is 28 3/4. That puts her in the 80% for length. The surprising news is that her weight is 16lbs 9oz. That puts her in the 8% for weight!!! Good thing I took her three weeks late for her nine month. If I had taken her three weeks ago she might not have been on the charts. But the doctors assured me that she was fine and he blood cell count was good and indicative that she was growing. Her head circumference is also in the eighth percentile. But, that's all brain, so I'm cool with that.


Carmen Andres said...

so, she's gonna be tall, smart and gorgeous, just like her mommy :)

Stacy said...

First, Bennett is off the charts cute, and for some reason they don't measure for that. Second, her younger cousin is over 20 lbs. He can eat her for a snack. Know why? He eats ALL THE TIME. And he's grown out of all of his clothes. I think slow-growing and super-cute might be the way to go.