Tuesday, December 23, 2008

5 More Hours!!

Rob comes home today! We made it. And as I write this I know many people have husbands or wives who travel all the time or who are deployed for a whole lot longer than this, so I know how lucky we are. But since Rob and I have been married, we have never been apart for more than two days, so it will be very nice to have him home. Bennett needs so much attention right now and the new little one kicks my tail every morning when I am over the sink and every afternoon when I can't hold my head up straight. Thank goodness for my Mom. I could not have done this without her. She has been so kind to let me nap when she could, and watch Bennett so I could participate in our Christmas production at church. Thank you so much, Mom.

But I think it has been hard for other reasons. I think this has been a time when I needed my husband more than ever. Moving is stressful. Moving across the country is very stressful. Leaving my home and saying good-bye to all of my friends has been so hard. I had lunch and dinner last night with dear friends and it is so hard knowing I may only see them once a year. I am on my way out now to have brunch at the house of a lady who has been like a mentor to me. I don't want to say good-bye to her and her family. I was so sad my last day at work on Sunday. I love my job and have been there for 6 years. So, the combination of everything has not made for the best holiday season, but I still know that the Lord's hand is in all of this.

Plus, did I mention that Rob is coming home in FIVE HOURS!!!!????

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