Saturday, December 6, 2008

A life of crime

What do you do in Montgomery on a Sunday night when you are bored? Go to a movie? No. Sneak in some early Christmas shopping? No. Grab coffee and discuss existentialism vs marxism? No, you go rolling. And to make it even better, you use your 9 month old as an accomplice. Here are some photos from our "big" night out (or pathetic, depending on your point of view.) And no, Rob did not come back just to give our daughter a rap sheet before her first birthday. The mischief was done the weekend before he left.

Getting ready to roll

Anthony's car was our number one target


Number 9 on Montgomery's most wanted list

Next up was the Segars house. They got egged. We laughed and drove away. They didn't even notice. We had to call them and tell them. We're old.


Carmen Andres said...

sheeh, you make me feel REALLY old. with two kids in our 40s, we'd already be asleep by that time! we'd be like the segars, heh. not that they're really old! heh.

Anna said...

hey. do you have a new mailing address yet? email me (arwamsted @ gmail . com) (no spaces though) and let me know! thanks!!!