Saturday, December 20, 2008

Santa? I KNOW HIM!

Ah, yes. Our first photo with Santa. Questions were running rampant in my mind. Would he terrify her? Would she scream and call out, "Mamamama?" Would we wait 5 hours in line? Would it cost $140? However, none of my fears were met as Bennett loved Santa, there was virtually no line, and it only cost about what you would expect an overpriced photo to cost. Of course I don't have the official photo posted on here. You had to pay for that one and my stupid scanner is broken. Again. So, here are a few Daddy took from the sidelines. Mommy was on the floor looking like an idiot trying to make Bennett smile, but in turn making Santa realize that Mommy really needs a gift certificate to a spa this year.

What's up big guy? You are and I are going to be great friends.

I'd like some teeth and some hair. Thanks.

I really wish that she weren't so comfortable with strangers.


Kristin said...

Lauren, I know we've never met but I know Rob from his days in NC. Love keeping up with you guys via the blog. As for Bennett's plea for hair? It will come. I, too, am a redhead and I was pretty much bald till age 3. Everyone thought I was a boy and it didn't help that my mom dressed me like a boy AND I have a huge head. Well, I have crazy thick, coarse hair and have since age 4. I think those of us with "delayed follicles" make up for it. You have a beautiful daughter!

Lauren W said...

Hey, Kristin. Rob has actually told me a lot about you. You have made me feel much better. Rob won't let me tape a bow to her head. He says, "No hair, no bows." And her name is Bennett for goodness sakes, so she will just have to be mistaken for a boy for another year or two.

Carmen & Eddie said...

LOL!! Bennett and Sebastian have the same Christmas list... via their mommies!! Glad to hear that she had a great experiance with Santa:)