Sunday, October 26, 2008

Your weekend wasn't as cool as mine.....

...because you didn't go to a sop fest.

What is a sop fest you may ask? Well, truthfully, I don't know. Yes, I did go to one this weekend, but I still don't think I have truly grasped that power that is the sop. From what I could tell it was a syrup soppin' festival and you could buy biscuits, sop them in syrup, watch a mule make syrup, and buy some fantastically kitschy crafts.

We didn't intend to sop. We were actually going to Atlanta with our friends Phil and Corey to the mecca otherwise known as IKEA. Phil just got married and needed new furniture for his house. His wife was having a girl's weekend, so we volunteered to take Phil. You know, tryin' to squeeze in all that quality time before the big move. So, we loaded up our rockin' mini van, grabbed our friend Corey who is always up for an adventure, and headed east. However, Corey informed us that there was sop on the way.
And so we did. Sop that is. And it was good. Oh, yeah. And so was IKEA.


jen said...

love ikea!!

Abby said...

I am jealous of your sop weekend! Also, I am headed to Grace's today to dig in her attic for Halloween decorations. I will bring them by on Friday! I'm pumped!