Friday, October 10, 2008

Bennett's Big Brothers

My side of the family consists of all girls. I have one sister. I have two female cousins who were as close as sisters growing up because we were practically raised together. My sister has three girls. I have one girl. You get the point. Thank goodness for our friends, The Segars. They are some of our closest friends and fortunately for us they have four boys. Three of them absolutely dote on Bennett. The youngest just stares at her and wonders who the new kid is. But the older three argue over who gets to hold her and the one that wins is so kind and gentle with her. They were there when she was born and were some of the first to ever hold her.
Just last Sunday when I picked her up the lady in the nursery told me that one of the Segars boys had been by again to make sure that she was okay. He also told her, "Don't forget. She likes her paci. And be good to her, okay?" Isn't it great to be looked after like that?




All four boys with Miss B. Cade decided to join us for the group shot.

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Unknown said...

Ummm...that might be the sweetest thing ever!