Sunday, October 19, 2008

Pumpkin Patch

I guess every person with a child is supposed to visit a pumpkin patch. How I lived thirty years without knowing this is a mystery to me, but there you have it. I knew that my sister went every year, but little did I know that even if you have a 2 week old, you take a picture of them in a cornucopia. This was revealed to me by visiting all our friends blogs and by every single person at our church either inviting us to a pumpkin patch or telling me which weekend they were going. We were never invited until we had Bennett, so all of you couples there without kids- be prepared to go even if it is raining and in the middle of your child's naptime. Oh, and be prepared to stand there while your spouse takes 563 pictures. Oh, wait. That's just my spouse.

But despite my ignorance to the ways of the fall world, pumpkin patches are a lot of fun. Hey,it's cool with me. I already loved fall, hayrides, pumpkins, and family time, so why not combine it all into one fun afternoon? Here are our requisite pictures. Well, here are a few of my favorites from said 563.

My family shot (Oh, all of the comments are from Bennett's perspective. Just didn't want you to be confused. So there.)

Me and my cousins

Ridin' a horse with my grandaddy. Well, he's not ridin' but you know what I mean.

Mommy and Daddy Suttle

My bestest cousin for-evah. I spent the night with her and she told me that all night.
My Aunt LiLi


Erin said...

Bennett on top of the pumpkins just makes me smile! P, E, and S are adorable too :) We are one blessed family!

The Khans said...

What cute pictures and you are right you have to do this once you have children. We went last Monday. I will be posting my pictures soon too. We still need to find a time to get together and I really mean it. I will give you a call.