Tuesday, October 21, 2008

He tries

I am posting a picture of the world's dumbest dog. I mean it. What you see him doing in this picture is all he does. He stares. Oh, and he might sit for you. Maybe. If he feels like it. Sometimes I try my best to get him to shake and his eyes get really big like, "Oh no. The human is talking to me again. I just. can't. understand. what. she's. saying!!"

When talking about Kirby's latest adventure (or lack thereof) our friend Shane said it best when he said, "I never believed that a dog could have a learning disability until I met Kirby." Rob did discover him in Texas so we tried speaking simple commands in Spanish to see if anything rang a bell, but no, that wasn't the problem either.

We love Kirby. We really do. But I decided to post this because I sat down at the computer after working all day and I told the dogs to go outside. Meg picked up her toy and ran to the backyard and Kirby stared at me. I told Kirby again and he stared at me. I drug him by the collar to the backyard and watched him relieve himself. I told them to come back in. Meg picked up her toy and ran to her bed. Kirby stared at me. He is now in the backyard wondering still what that human meant with those crazy words.


Abby said...

Sounds like my cat Tootsie. Jerrod and I will wake up in the middle of the night, and she will be sitting at the end of the bed just staring. In the morning... same thing... just sitting and staring. Plus one of her eyes is crossed so it makes it extra "special" looking. Then when she wants you to pet her she just starts to run into your legs, shoes or the wall, whatever is closests.

Adam said...

this post made my day! i laughed hysterically!

btw, 7-0! ROLL TIDE, ROLL!

Erin said...

But he's so cute!