Sunday, October 5, 2008

6-0, baby!

We didn't sing Rammer Jammer on Saturday because, well, we didn't give 'em you know what. But a win is still a win, right? We had a great day in Tuscaloosa on Saturday and even though Bennett stayed behind and spent the day with her grandparents and her cousin, I made sure that she dressed appropriately and was practicing her "Roll Tide" for next year. Some of my very earliest memories are watching my Grandmom and Grandad yell at the screen for Alabama. I think I have been wearing crimson since I was in the crib so I have loved passing on that heritage to my sweet girl.

We met my brother-in-law and niece at the game. It was her first time to Bryant-Denny and she got a chance to wear her Nick Saban hat!

We start 'em young in these parts

Rob wasn't allowed to be in any group pictures because he was cheering for Kentucky. Granted, he graduated from there, but I don't think that should count. If you never watch a game, don't know anything about the coach, the players, or the stats, should you still cheer for that team? He says yes. I just scream "Roll Tide" even louder when he protests.

Sweet Home


Adam said...

ROLL TIDE, ROLL!!! This is turning out to be a GREAT year!

Mommy S. said...

Here's another ROLL TIDE, ROLL! I can't believe Rob actually cheered for his alma mater instead of Alabama! How rude! Thankfully, he always cheers for Alabama when they are not playing Kentucky!

Abby said...

Hello Websters!!! Roll Tide!!!

Keri A. Ward said...

I am SUCH an idiot!! I have come to you blog a couple of times the past few days (since I am SO bored at work) and I am JUST NOW realizing that you got your hair CUT! WOW..I LOVE IT. Seriously!!! I noticed the pic of Bennett in the cheer outfit and I think that was IT the other day. I never scrolled down to see other updates and obviously I missed the WHOLE post about Trendy Reese. Hello Keri!! :) And to be honest, I would have been completely SHOCKED this afternoon to see you but I started making my own blog today (YAY) and so I have been checking back at yours a little! hehehe!