Thursday, October 2, 2008

Just another day

I went to Target this morning. I decided to try and experiment and see if Bennett was old enough to ride up front in the cart. You know that little section up front where you normally put your purse? Well, apparently, that is meant for children and produce.

So, I unpack her little shopping cart cover, because I am an official germaphobe. I strap her in and head inside the store. Guess what I found out? She's not old enough. Well, maybe some kids are at 7 months, but my girl was sliding all over the place. At one point her head was in between the leg holes, one arm was stuck in the bar, and one leg was near the handle. Don't ask. Oh, and don't ever ever shoot mothers a disapproving look when you see them doing this. We're trying.

I quickly became very moody as I stopped to adjust her every 5 minutes to avoid those disapproving looks. Then my mood turned even darker because I was buying $50 worth of baby food. Hadn't I promised to make her baby food myself? I only work part time and I had planned this for so long to save my family money and to provide healthy meals for my daughter. However, she has been eating solids for 2 months and the most I have done is mash up an apple. Dangit. So I got more and more annoyed as I put Stage 2 chicken and dumplings in the cart and then stopped 3 more times to sit her upright.

As I am walking out to my car I see my friend Jen coming in. My friend Jen who NEVER updates her blog. Oh, and our children are betrothed. So I am trying to avoid her. I don't want Bennett's future mother-in-law to see her slumped over with her hands caught between the slats. She might change her mind about her son's future. But then Jen almost wrecks her car because she is trying to park, wave to me, and eat Chick-Fil-A all at once. I feel a little bit better.

Jen sees my dilemma. Not only does she not condemn me, she tells me just to lay the kid flat in the front compartment. "Who cares?" she says. "They're happy, you're happy, enough said."

I love Jen. I hate shopping carts. And I hate (because I am secretly jealous) of women who puree their own food.


Lori Mercer said...

LOL! Have I told you lately just how much I LOVE your blog?!? Love it!! :)

Amanda said...

If you don't try it, they'll never learn to sit up there! But, I do have advice... Bring two small hand towels and roll them up, placing one on either side of precious floppy-baby. Crisis avoided! I can't believe we are set to become arch rivals as our houses will both be on the market simultaneously! Ahh!!

Anna said...

i love you too!!!! :) just kidding! i miss you! you're doing a fabulous job being the best mommy in the world!

The Khans said...

Well, I did puree baby food so I guess I am one of the hated ones, but now I have a stock in the freezer and Joshua refuses to eat it. He wants to feed himself what we are eating. Fun times. I am now trying to sneak it into our food when I cook. And what's this about selling your house??? We need to get together again soon.

The Khans said...

Yes ma'am Lauren :-)

Brittny said...

Making your own food is overrated in my opinion. I tried it with Christopher, I worked part-time as well and thought I had time. But then I had to buy the sealed stuff for day care anyway! I thought since I was staying home after Sophie was born I'd definitely do it. I made bananas (like that's hard!) and 2 sweet potatoes. I always burned it when reheating it and she was screaming b/c I was taking too long. So from one mom to another, forget about it and pop another top off the baby food jar!

Courtney said...

Oh girl. If you mashed an apple you're WAY ahead of me. Some things just have to slide. I never even tried mashing a banana. I just waited until Grady was old enough to gum little pieces of it. Until then, Gerber was a fixture.
Fin will get it too.
Oh and wait til she can eat yogurt melts. Seriously. You will want to steal them. And they are rediculously expensive.

Keri A. Ward said...

BAHAHAHAHAHAA!!! Seriously! Im laughing out loud. I LOVE YOUR BLOG!! I love it that Im not married yet, have no intentions of children for a LONG time so I get to hear all of this from friends that are experiencing this just like you! Trust me! I will be calling you for advice when the time comes. But at this point you will never learn anything until you try it and I think that you are a WONDER MOM and are Fantabulous at it! GO LAUREN! love you