Sunday, November 1, 2015

Family Halloween Costume 2015

We started this tradition completely by accident. It was Bennett's very first Halloween and I saw the cutest lion costume. I bought it for her without any intention of dressing up myself. Rob and I then decided to throw a Halloween party for some friends and a few days before I just mentioned offhand that I should probably dress up. I believe I told Rob that I had a witch costume in the garage so I would just be a witch. Rob laughed and said, "A lion and witch? Should I be a wardrobe?" I paused for a minute and said, "Yes. You you should." And a tradition was born.

I look back at that picture now and laugh. Rob's wardrobe looks horrible. I had 24 hours to pull it together. And little did we know back in 2008 that we would still be dressing up as a family 7 years later. But we love it. The costumes don't look that great because we try not to send too much money on them. The kids enjoy picking out their own costumes as well so we don't go overboard on detail and price. We just like to have fun.

So, without further adieu, here is our Halloween Costume for 2015. The Ginger Family! Gingerbread man, Ginger Spice, Ginger-Ale, Gingersnap and Ginger from Gilligan's Island. Hey, just embracing out genetic identity. We are the Red Webs after all.

And here are the kids in the costumes they picked out for the Halloween season. Lainey wanted to be a super hero. Done. That's easy enough. Bennett wanted to be the Eiffel Tower. Ummm.... that might be tricky. And Will wanted to go as a boy riding a roller coaster. Well, okay. We'll make it happen!

We loved going to the trunk or treat at our church. Poor Will had to walk in doors sideways but he didn't mind because everyone loved his costume so much.

Hanging out with the sweet Oldham girls.

Super Lainey saves the day!! Could she be any cuter?

Our dear friends from Kansas City came down to spend Halloween weekend with us again. We love the Pishny family and Will and Rachel have been close friends since they were 12 months old.

I was so happy to have Krista and Norman come to visit!

On Halloween night we had several of our neighbors over to trick or treat as a group and hang out. We have done this in 4 different cities now (!!!) and we love that this has become our annual tradition. Here is the neighborhood crew ready to head out for some candy!

Spooky hands were the party favors for each of the guests.

Super Lainey couldn't believe that she just walked up to doors and people handed her candy. It is pretty cool, isn't it, Lainey?

I don't know why, but I love this shot of the front of our house.

Bennett decorating cookies for the guests.

Witches brooms were somewhat healthy treats.

Bennett helped me make our traditional candy corn rice krispie treats.

Pumpkin scones for the win!

Towards the end of the night a bunch of the kids hopped into the back of our van to check out some really cool houses on the on the other side of the neighborhood. As we rode around they were all chanting, "Party Van! Party Van!" Such fun memories. Oh, and both of my kids changed costume. Again. 

And I have to add these few shots of Lainey. She went to an Alzheimer's support group and trick or treated with the sweetest people I have ever met. This little thing just grows in beauty every day.

So, that's it. Another Halloween in the books. This is our 8th year doing a family costume and our 8th year hanging out and enjoying the evening with friends. I am so grateful for new friends to make memories with and old friends who continue traditions with us.

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