Saturday, November 7, 2015

Disney Part 1

Hooray!! We made it back to Disney two years after our last trip. I couldn't wait to take Lainey at this age and see all of her reactions. I couldn't wait to see how much Bennett and Will remembered and see what they would enjoy doing this time. I had been counting down the days for so long and there is a chance I could have outrun the plane to get to Orlando. I could write and write about how excited I was, but instead I'll just post pictures. A TON of pictures. Sorry not sorry in advance.

 As soon as Bennett and Will got out of school on a Friday we rushed to the airport. A 5:20 flight plus Dallas rush hour traffic made for two very nervous parents but we made it just in time. Disney, here we come!!!

Lainey's first time on an airplane. We had one very excited princess on our hands. And I'm not talking about Lainey.

And I got to sit next to my favorite traveling buddy.

We're here! Let the magic begin!

My parents drove down to Disney World from Alabama for the first part of our trip. We were so happy to be in the Magic Kingdom with Mommy and Daddy Suttle.

And here is Lainey running to the very first character that she saw. I didn't know how she would do with characters since she was just a baby last time we were in Disney, but she adored them.

Could this be on a Disney postcard or what? Pluto giving Lainey the biggest hug. I died.

We went to see Mickey Mouse next. Here is Lainey getting her first glimpse of him. Y'all.... she was truly like a walking commercial for the magic of Disney. Her excitement made me weepy all week long.

 And that is why I am grinning like a complete fool in the background. But look at her face!

With the big guy himself.

Every single one of us in this picture felt like a little  kid. And that's why I love Disney.

After seeing Mickey, we headed to new Fantasyland. Here is Lainey riding Goofy's Barnstormer for the first time. I don't know if you can see the look on her face, but she was pretty terrified before it started. Bennett was just annoyed that she had to ride by herself.
Ah, yes..... Dumbo is much more her speed.

You can't go wrong with Dumbo. A true Disney classic.

We had lunch at the Be Our Guest restaurant in Belle's castle. I had to take a picture of my Dad's dessert. The attention to detail at Disney is what makes it so amazing.

Beauties and the Beast. :)

Tale as old as time..

Just a typical day at Disney. Oh, hey. Look at that show at the castle. 

Olaf cake pops for the win!

We went back to the hotel to rest in the afternoon but after a few hours of that nonsense, we were ready to head back into the parks. Here is Lainey on a train ride with her Grandaddy. She loves him so very much.

My daughter with my wonderful Mom. I am so glad we could all share this together.

Here are the kids at one of my favorite attractions in all of the parks- Belle's Storytime Hour. Bennett was selected to be Mrs. Potts.

Lainey was very content to sit with her grandparents and watch her theatrical older siblings.

Bravo, Bravo

Checking out the fireworks. Nothing better.

A late night spin on Prince Charming's carousel.

As we headed back to our resort for the night, we stopped to see the Main Street Electrical parade. What a perfect Disney day.

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