Friday, November 20, 2015

Happy 3rd Birthday, Lainey!!

I know I say with every passing birthday that I cannot believe that my child is that many years old. But I don't feel that way about Lainey turning 3. It feels like three years since she has been born. We lived in Kansas City when we found out we were expecting Lainey and when I think of all that has happened between now and then, I realize how crazy our life has been.

When I found out I was having Lainey my cousin Elliot was fighting ovarian cancer. I was able to go to the hospital and tell Elliot it was a girl just a few weeks before she passed away. We moved a few months later to Alabama and lived in a rental house. A few months later we moved to another house when Lainey was 12 days old. And then we moved 2 years after that to Dallas. It has been a crazy three years, but in the middle of all of that has been this magnificent ray of sunshine that has been my calm in the middle of so many storms.

Now when I say calm, I do not mean to say that Lainey has been calm. Because that is the last word I would ever use to describe Lainey. This girl has personality oozing through every one of her pores. They say that most comedians are youngest children and I have no doubt that is true. Lainey tried to make us laugh every day and she works hard for those laughs. She is headstrong, stubborn, mischievous, loving, funny and the most delightful child that I know.

I have no idea what God has in store for Lainey but I know that she is going to meet it head on and face it bravely with everything that she's got.

The main reason we took this trip to Disney was so we could be there on her 3rd birthday. Children are free if they are 2 and under and since she was 2 when we entered the parks we did not have to pay for her on this trip. But we would have gone anyway. Her delight at everything she saw would have been worth every single penny.

She woke up the morning of her birthday with balloons and a signed card from Mickey Mouse.

Dressed and ready to go! She's wearing her Cinderella dress with her birthday button. She is clutching Izzie and wearing a Doc Macstuffins stethoscope. This girl is ready to celebrate!

Hey, Magic Kingdom! Let's get this 3rd birthday party started!!

But first, a quick stop to see Tinker Bell. Here is Lainey literally running in the room as fast as she could to give Tink a hug.

Mission accomplished.

 Hey Goofy, what's up? It's my birthday and I'm kind of a big deal.

Heading to Cinderella's castle for breakfast. 

 And then we finally met THE Cinderella! Lainey could barely contain herself.

 Y'all!!!! Look at this face while Cinderella was autographing her book! If I could freeze time, I think I would have stopped at that very moment.

 My beautiful Bennett. We have this exact shot of her walking up these stairs when she was 2 and then again on her 5th birthday. And now she is a 7 year old who still believes in magic but is more interested in watching her little sister enjoy it. Incredibly bittersweet for sure.

Enjoying breakfast at the castle.

And here come the princesses!

Will's history with Snow White is kind of like a tale as old as time. She has been his favorite ever since she planted a big kiss on his head when he was 14 months old.

I know this isn't a good picture, but again, I am obsessed with Lainey's face.

Three cheers for Aurora!

And Rapunzel!

 They brought out a birthday cupcake for Lainey because they are Disney. And they are awesome.

If I had captured this moment on video I have no doubt that it would have gone viral because Lainey fell out of her chair when Jasmine walked up. Between the cupcake and the princess, she couldn't handle it.

How many times in the past few posts have I said that a certain picture was my favorite? Can I say it again?

Who needs a fork anyway? And look at Bennett in the background. Priceless.

Getting some fairy dust from the Bibbidi Boppiti Boutique.

At Belle's Storytime Hour. Bennett was Papa in the particular show.

And Will got to be Chip!

Ahhhhh!!! I truly can't take it! Lainey was scared to be in the show but she finally got the courage to get up there and Belle gave her a thumbs up. I mean.... just stop the cuteness.

You can never meet too many princesses on your birthday!

Special hugs for the birthday girl.

After lunch we had a dress change for the birthday girl. Here are my beautiful Elsa and Anna. And I have to add that when you go to Disney you never know what moments will become your favorite. And right before we took this picture I had one of mine. I was in the bathroom changing Lainey's dress and she was so excited to go meet Anna. And Bennett stopped being a mature older sister and turned into the giggly little kid that I miss sometimes. She was clapping her hands and jumping up and down as I braided Lainey's hair. The two of them getting ready to meet their favorite princesses and the excitement and joy they felt will always be one of my favorite Disney memories.

Lainey's face!! Again! She was turning back to us saying, "MOMMY! Look who it is!!"

The best. Ever.

Comparing braids.

Anna walking Lainey over to meet Elsa.

Telling Elsa all about her day!

Pure adoration. Is this the most expressive child ever or what?

Two beautiful Elsa's.

After meeting Elsa and Anna. Can you believe we just met them??

We ended Lainey's day with a parade and a night swimming and relaxing in the hotel pool.

We truly had a magical (cliche, but true) celebrating our Lainey bug. I think she was grinning from ear to ear all day long and I thought my heart would burst just watching her and watching Will and Bennett delight in her. I love those three kids so very much and I am so thankful for the 7 1/2 years that I have been a Mom to them. 

Happy 3rd Birthday, Lainey. Thank you Lord for blessing our family with this perfect gift.

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Jessie said...

THE most expressive and joyful girl I have seen (and yet to meet, dag nab it!). I love reading all about your life adventures. Miss you beyond!