Thursday, November 19, 2015

Finishing up Disney. It just gets more magical each time.

 I am just going to out our final bunch of pictures on the blog. I cannot express how much fun we had on this trip. Being with my parents and my husband and kids and just enjoying exploring the parks and spending time together was so needed. People do ask if it ever gets old going back to Disney, but I can honestly that it doesn't. I love seeing it through my kids eyes at different ages. Will is into roller coasters more now and Bennett delighted in the parades and shows like never before. She was fascinated with how magical was and both kids have decided that they want to be Imagineers when they grow up. And of course, Lainey had me teary eyed the whole trip. The amount of joy and delight she got in meeting the characters makes me want to go ahead and book our next trip.

Can you enlarge this picture? Just look at my daughter's face!

Nothing you do at Disney can top a hug from Mickey Mouse.
More hugs for Goofy. This is the kids that screams at the Easter Bunny and hates Santa. Apparently she has no such ill will for any Disney character.

We couldn't forget Minnie!

His relationship with Snow White may be in danger.

 A wardrobe change is necessary for all princesses.

You never know when you take a picture if it is going to become your favorite or not, but this one might be my favorite from the trip. It is currently framed in our playroom.

Hi ya, Bennett!

So, maybe this one is my favorite. Who knows? I would frame them all if I could.


Braving a late night ride on Big Thunder Mountain Railroad.
Pirates of the Caribbean? Check!
My favorite mouseketeers getting ready for the fireworks. Is there any better place to be than on Main Street at night waiting for the fireworks to begin? I don't think so.

We had another wonderful day in the Magic Kingdom and I am going to do a whole separate post about that day, but here are a few shots I will just include in this ridiculously long batch post. Will got selected to try and pull the sword from the stone. Could he do it?

Up, up, up and.....

All hail King William!!!!! Does this mean we officially own Disney World? 

Seven Dwarves Mine Train with my buddy. It was an awesome new family roller coaster that Will wanted to ride over and over.
Just hanging out on Main Street, waitng for a parade and eating a Mickey ice cream bar. No biggie.
Yeah, so Dale (or Chip. not sure which one) just waked over during the parade and gave Bennett a big hug. Because this is Disney and that is what happens.

 Captain Hook spotted Will from the float and acknowledged his hat.

 Thumbs up, Hook. We know villains are just misunderstood.
Bennett is terrified of Halloween. She loves candy and pumpkins and the fun stuff associated with it, but she is incredibly scared by all of the ghosts and creepy things. While we were at Disney they were having Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party. We kept trying to emphasize the "Not so scary" part to her, but she was adamant. She wanted no part. So, one night Rob took the girls back to the hotel mid afternoon and Will and I stayed until midnight in Magic Kingdom and saw the Boo to You parade, went on trick or treat candy trails, rode rides over and over and honestly had such an amazing Mother/Son night. It is definitely a memory that I don't think either one of us will ever forget.
Will changed into a full Captain Hook costume and I went as Wendy and we just had the best time together. Here we are about to board a ride. Probably at 11:00 at night.

Captain Hook and Wendy take on the Magic Kingdom!

Waiting for the parade to start. Will got selected to be in the parade and marched around for the first half of it. 

They had a ton of villains out that are never in the parks regularly, but the lines were so long to meet them. We did sag one with Jafar though.

What an incredible evening. One of my all time favorite Disney experiences for sure.
And here are just a bunch of pictures to round out our Disney trip. The kids getting ready to ride Star Tours with their Dad. They might have ridden five times.
 Kali River Rapids! Our forst time ever riding this. Not sure how we missed it every other trip.

Kali River Selfie!

Just hanging out in the Grand Floridian.

You heart.

Watching fireworks and grinning non stop.

I rode Everest by myself because I had never ridden it and Will wasn't quite ready to brave this one. That's me in the back waving to Rob and the kids.

I love this shot of Will watching me come down the hill. I had to prove to him that Mom is somewhat cool. If taking him to the not so scary Halloween party didn't convince him, this definitely did.

Dancing in Asia. Or Animal Kingdom.

Riding the Jungle Cruise with Dad. Bennett loved this ride and really got the sarcastic humor and puns. Not sure that is a good thing.

Tasting cokes from all around the world in EPCOT. Man, we got around. 

Another favorite picture. 

Sigh....back to the airport. Say it ain't so.

Eating our Mickey lollipops on the plane ride home.

Good-bye Disney World. See ya real soon

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