Monday, August 31, 2015

One week down..... 2456 to go. Or something like that.

We made it!!! We survived the first week of school and after lazy summer days of sleeping in and staying up late, I don't know who had a rougher time. Me or the kids. Actually, I do know that. It was me. But both kids are now in elementary school and are ready to go. I know Will went to Kindergarten last year, but it was at our church and the hours were shorter. This feels different.

I was pretty nervous for Will the night before school, but he woke up ready to go. In fact, he ran to school way ahead of us and wanted to be there 20 minutes early. He loved the first day and couldn't wait to go back. He was most excited about doing science experiments.

I think Bennett is having a tougher time. In general I think girls have a rougher time in school. Relationships are hard and things just affect Bennett more deeply, but we are going to pray her through it and I know that I cannot always protect her. The world is tough and friendships are tough and watching her struggle is probably the hardest thing I have ever done. But I know it is also necessary in order to refine her and let her grow into the awesome and Godly woman that she was created to be.

 First day of school donuts. A Webster tradition. There are a few strawberries thrown on the plate though. Uneaten, of course.

Look how shiny and new. These will be dirt covered and filled with holes come May.

Little first day treats for their teachers.

Three excited kids. The youngest has no idea what is happening, but she is excited too.

Can we quit taking pictures and go already? Not even close, kids.

Best friends for life.

My incredible 2nd grader on her way to show that world what she's got. Praying for you every step of the way, B.

Even though he will be the youngest, he's about to take 1st grade by storm. We are SO proud of you, Will.

And even though she won't start preschool for another 2 weeks, she had to grab her lunch box and back pack too. 

I was already yelling at Will to slow down and wait for us at this point. I doubt he will be doing this much longer, so we'll let him think school is fun while we can.

 I had to post this picture because that's Will way up in the left hand corner yelling at us to hurry up.
 This relieved so many of my worries and fears.

Look at these three kiddos walking across the elementary schoolyard. Where does the time go?

Bennett giving her teacher the popcorn. 

Never my favorite part of the day. 

 Will and his first grade teacher.

 I have so much confidence in this kid. I was sad to leave him, but so assured in my decision to send him to first grade.

 Maybe the last year he will let me do this in public. I'll take what I can get.

And after we got home, Lainey realized something. She thought, "Wait a minute, you mean those two are gone and I get to party with Mommy by myself all day?"

YES! See ya, suckahs.

I decided to have a lot of one on one time with Lainey and so as soon as we got home, I got out the playdough so I could play with her.
Ten minutes later I wanted to call the school and beg them to take her too. She's really advanced! I promise!
 Annnnddddd........ 7 hours later.... it went GREAT!
Will: I had the best day, Mom!! But it was sort of easy. I really think I should go on to 2nd grade.
Me: It won't be like this every day. It's just a review of Kindergarten at first. It will get harder.
Will: Oh, never mind.
Just stay in first grade, sweet buddy. My heart can't handle more than that right now.

 I finally remembered to take the camera so the kids would know one day that their father was there as well. He loves you guys too!!  And Bennett had a wonderful day. She was so excited that her class gets to sit on exercise balls and she earned dollars for a prize from her teacher and talked non stop about how fun her day was. Whew!

Will's closest friends. All four of them are in 1st grade and live 3 houses down from each other. They all had great days and went home immediately and played together until dinner time.

And the next day I had even more at my house playing until dinner time. I am so thankful to live on a street filled with kids so close in age.

So, that's it. I feel like past 12 months have been filled with so many HUGE decisions. Should we move to Texas? Where should we live? What school district should we be in? Which house should we buy? Where should Will go to school? And now do we send him on or give him another year? We have had so many life changing decisions this past year that my head is still spinning. but I feel now like those are behind us and our path is set. I don't know what God has in store for us in the future, but for right now, I am very content just to sit back and rest in the decisions that have been made.

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