Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Tomorrow's the Day

I cannot believe that tomorrow at this time, Will could be here. I feel like Bennett just arrived yesterday. Well, 16 months wasn't that long ago. You know, everyone has given so much advice on having kids 16 months apart, and although I am not going to lie and say that I am not scared, I am excited too. The overwhelming advice from Moms who have had kids this close together is that the first year or so will be really hard, but then you will LOVE it.

I know it will be challenging, but it is such a miracle that I can't be anything but grateful. We knew that we wanted our kids around 2 years apart. It took us a year to have Bennett with a very sad loss along the way. We thought it would take just as long to have another so we started trying when Bennett was 7 months old. My hope was to be pregnant by this summer. Would we have still tried if we had known that it would happen the very first time? No way! But, God is so good. When I see so many close friends who are struggling to have a baby and when I pray for them every night, I can't help but jut feel so blessed and grateful that Rob and I didn't have to go through that a second time.

Plus I was with a doctors office in Montgomery that monitored me from the day my test came back positive. Most offices (including my one here in KC) won't even see you but once in your first trimester. I had so many complications with Bennett and the main one during my first trimester was low progesterone. This group caught it right away and put me on shots. Wouldn't you know that with this move to Kansas, I was in Montgomery for exactly my first trimester? We moved when I was 14 weeks pregnant. And wouldn't you know also that with Will, my progesterone started dropping rapidly at 7 weeks and I believe with every ounce of my being that if I hadn't gotten pregnant when I did, while we were still in Montgomery, I would have lost him too. I can't help but see God's hand prints all over this baby from the very beginning.

I don't really know why I am pouring all of this out tonight. I am just feeling so blessed and wanted to share how amazing the Lord is and how grateful I am for my husband and beautiful daughter. I cannot wait to meet our son tomorrow and have him join our family. Keep us in your prayers tomorrow. Please pray for a smooth delivery and a healthy baby. Also, if you don't mind, please pray for Bennett. That sweet little girl has been through so many changes and I hate the thought of her waking up tomorrow and calling out, "Mama" and me not being here. Please pray for a smooth transition for her as well. We'll post pictures as soon as we can, but until then, here are a few shots of us getting ready for baby Will.

My Mom and Dad arrived with bags filled with gifts from family members and from friends back home. We were so excited to open such sweet things people had sent for Will. We can't tell you enough how much we miss everyone back in Montgomery.

People even remembered Bennett. She loved her bag from her cousins!

And her Mommy's cousin sent a book for her to read. It went right into her special bag to take to the hospital.

All we need now is the baby. And a few things for the walls behind his crib. Clearly with the move, his was the last room to get done and is still a work in progress.

Ahhh... this angle is better. We're looking a little more prepared.

Getting some last hugs in before the baby comes. Have I mentioned how much I absolutely love this little girl? I cannot wait to hug both of my babies.


Christine said...

I will be praying for you tomorrow. I pray that your labor and delivery will go smoothly and that you will be blessed by your baby boy.
p.s. I love the name Will ;)
It's almost more emotional and miraculous the second time around because you see what that newborn grows up to be and I have to say that I loved being a mom for a second time b/c I was less anxious and new what to expect and could really just enjoy him so much more because I wasn't as worried about everything. The waking up in the night thing was ALOT harder this time though!!

Lori Mercer said...

Oh Lauren! We are so excited for you both! You look so beautiful on your last day as a pregnant woman! Just be prepared - the first time you see Bennett after delivery she will look like she DOUBLED in size overnight!! No kidding!! You just wait!! ;) I wish I was closer to help you guys document this momentus occasion but I have not doubt Rob has got it all covered and will do a fabulous job! Before long you will have lots of beautiful pictures for little Will's walls! ;) I'll be waiting patiently to hear the news and see those first pics!! Congratulations Lauren, Rob, and Bennett!!

Brittny said...

praying for you and loving you!!!!!!

Keri A. Ward said...

Oh my...the Lord put you on my heart this morning and I prayed knowing that sometime Will would soon be here but I didnt realize that TODAY is the day for you to be induced. MAN! He is good! Only He can work like that, and your post just reiterated that. :)

I hope it all goes well and Im praying for yall ALL DAY!!

for some reason I got little warm fuzzies seeing yall sitting on the couch in that pic. It reminded me of many conversations with you on that comfy couch. We still need to catch up...like REALLY! :) We will after you and the little man get home and everyone is settled.

CONGRATS! I love you!

Carmen & Eddie said...

Our prayers continue for you to have a smooth and complication free delivery, and for a smooth happy and secure transition for Benette!!! I totally understnad all the emotions you gushed about. We had very similar histories with lossing one, low progesterone, trying almost a yr before one that took, down to hitting it out of the ball park on the first try- official or not!!! GOD IS SO FAITHFUL!!!! Sending you our love and can't wait to meet Prince Will!!! We are so excited for you guys!!!! Little Will has been blessed with such an amazing famliy!!!

Traci said...

i know that you already had your baby boy but yes it will be hard having the kids close together at first but it does get better. i also think that having the girl first is better too. they are more like little mommy's and love to help. my kids are 17 months apart and they play pretty good together. of course some days are better then others! love all the photos!