Thursday, June 18, 2009

Exciting Times

1. Bennett is walking. I am not going to exaggerate and say that she could walk all over the grocery store, but the kid is definitely walking. She can walk from room to room now. She can see something on the TV, get distracted, and just stop in front of it without falling down. She can walk down the hall from the staircase to her room. I asked Rob tonight if we could officially declare her as a "walker" and he said that we could. Good enough for me. And she has so many new words that I can't even count. Each day it is new and fun and just delightful. I think the neatest thing is that she is connecting objects. She gets now that the pillow on my bed is "Mama Piwwo." If we are done with something she gets that it is going away. "Bye-Bye Ball," "Bye-Bye juice" and so on and so forth. This age is seriously so much fun. I just love watching her little brain work. And I love watching her break into a huge smile and giggle when she gets something.

2. I met today with the directors of a performing arts center. They would like for me to teach some of their acting classes starting this Fall. It is a Christian performing arts center and it offers everything from dance to graphic design to voice. I will start off with just a few classes this Fall and they will be in the evenings so Rob can be with the kids. Hopefully it will expand as Bennett and Will get older and I can be involved in some way in their big productions. They are doing "Oliver" this Fall and the place was just phenomenal. I am SO excited to be involved in something creative again and I am thrilled for the opportunity to once again teach drama to kids. God is so incredibly faithful.

3. Okay, so this isn't as exciting, but if you know me even just a little bit, you know that it sent me over the moon. I met one of our neighbors today who is a Tennessee fan. He invited me in August to a big SEC get together where SEC fans from all over the area hang out together, grill out, and talk smack about the season. And apparently there is an Alabama watch group that meet up and watch the games on satellite. My fabulous neighbor is hooking me up with the leader of that group so I can yell "Roll Tide" with the best of them this Fall. If you knew how lonely it was for a 'Bama girl out here in Jayhawk country, you would understand.

4. Will is making his arrival in 13 days if not before. I told you that it was exciting around here.

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Carmen & Eddie said...

That is alot of excitment!!!! God is so awesome and faithful- that performing arts center sounds perfect!!! Can't wait to see pics of Will:) If you thought this was all exciting- you are in for a great surprise:)!!!