Saturday, June 20, 2009

Have you met our friend, Murphy?

Wikipedia defines "Murphy's Law" as: An adage in Western culture that broadly states: "Anything that can go wrong, will go wrong."

I think our new house was owned by Mr. Murphy recently. When purchasing this house, we made a list of expenses and we budgeted exactly how much we would need to the penny. We knew we would need new blinds, some landscaping, a fence, etc... these were expected. Then we moved in. And then all you know what broke loose. We have only been in our house 2 1/2 weeks and so far the following have happened

- The air conditioning unit went out
- The bathtub clogged up and no amount of research and trips to Home Depot on my husbands part could prevent an expensive call to a plumber
- Our freezer door stopped closing
- The dishwasher broke
- Our dryer's heating element went out
- Our van needed two new tires
- Our contractor messed up our new shelves and we had to hire his brother in law to come in and fix them
- Our microwave had issues requiring new parts
- We discovered huge drainage problems in our yard
- Our house was infested with insects and has required two visits from pest control. That's one per week if you're keeping score.

And that was all within the first week. Then last night at dinner Rob looked up at the ceiling and said, "Honey? Were those water spots there last night?" I sadly said that they were not. Monday morning we will call the plumber back out here to figure out why our upstairs toilet is leaking and ruining our kitchen ceiling in the process.

If you know Mr. Murphy, can you please tell him that we have paid our dues? And if you could do it before the baby comes, we would really appreciate it. Thanks in advance. -The Websters


Erin said...

Bless you girl. I am so sorry that yall have had such a hard time. I will pray that all of these things get resolved before Will arrives. Love you!

Anna said...

i am so sorry. i can honestly say...i understand, although i have to admit that I wish I couldn't! It's scary and costly and made us want to move right then! things will settle down, and we're praying that it will be sooner than later for you!

Heidi said...

Haha... Sorry, I just had to laugh when I read this.. We are always claiming "Murphy's Law" and you know it is so fitting for us....
Love it!
I did not even know you were expecting girl. Will be praying for a safe delivery and healthy baby :-)
Heidi Murphy

terrymary said...

Mr. Murphy's twin brother lives in our house! We just had our dishwasher fixed for the 4th time; the microwave has been fixed at least 3 times; the HVAC guy made 3 visits our first year in Kansas; the garage door broke; the washing machine leaked all over the floor and we almost had to replace our hardwood floors; and the doorbell broke.... to name a few. Good thing we live in a newer home! We can't afford not to renew our American Shield Home Warranty! And your house is how old? Hmmmm. Good luck with that.