Monday, June 29, 2009

Quality Time

We are trying to spent as much time with Bennett as we can these days. My parents got here a few days ago (Hooray!!) and so we have been trying to prepare her for the upcoming transition as best as possible. We spent all weekend reading books, walking all over the house, playing outside, flying kites, and just enjoying life.

It hasn't been as smooth sailing as I am making it sound though. We took her to the doctor on Thursday and she has a pretty nasty sinus infection. So sleeping at night has not been our friend. Neither has Benadryl which apparently has the reverse side effects on my daughter making her cranky, irritable, and up all night. Great! Just the stability I am looking for before bringing a newborn home. Oh, and while toddling all over the living room she fell on our coffee table and got her first shiner. Sigh.... Oh, well. Hopefully she will feel better before Will gets here, and if not, I will just beg to stay in the hospital a few extra days so I can sleep.

Yay! My grandparents are here! Look what I've been up to since last you saw me.

Flying kites with my Daddy

Ours is the highest in the sky. If you look closely you can see my shiner.

I love to walk, walk, walk!!

Cuddling with my Mom. We do this lots and lots every day.

Learnin' some tunes from my Dad.

Meg isn't allowed in my room, but she got in today. I told her to go to her bed. Repeatedly.


Erin said...

We are SO excited for yall!!! What a huge week! We'll be praying you through the delivery and the transition. And so sorry about sweet Bennett's eye :( She's still just as beautiful as ever.

Anna said...

awwww! look at her walking! she looks like such a big girl! we have that 1st word of Addie's favorites (along with the others like it we got in the set (pets, animals, opposites, etc)). mainly bc they ALL have DOGS in them somewhere! we haven't managed to get a shiner...but she has a mean looking bruise on her back where she fell on the step at the pool. oh the bumps and bruises make me so sad! we love and miss ya'll and cant wait to meet baby Will!