Wednesday, June 10, 2009

So much to catch up on

My blogging has sadly taken a backseat to life these past few weeks. But, the piles of boxes are shrinking, the walls are slowly being painted, and life is returning to normal. For three more weeks that is! Yes, I have a three week break before they induce Will on July 1st. That may seem scary, but I just pray that he makes it to July 1st. Three weeks would be a huge relief at this point. We don't even have the crib up. And to think that Bennett's nursery was completely ready at 25 weeks.

Speaking of little Bennett, keep her in your prayers. I would love to blog that she has done remarkably well with all of the transition, but I think that she has finally lost it. She has had three houses since December, different cribs, a month back in Montgomery with a new place, and people in and out of her life so much. Just when she gets used to Daddy being gone, he's back. Just when she gets used to her grandparents being here, they leave again. It has been a vicious cycle for 6 months and I think my parents leaving on Saturday was the last straw. She has been so clingy and calling out for "Suttle" for three days. I can't leave a room without her crying and putting her to sleep has been impossible. This is my baby who started sleeping through the night at 9 weeks and has never ever had a problem taking a nap. Ever since Sunday it is like wrestling an alligator. I am scared that I will finally get her settled and then here comes baby Will. Poor kid. She'll be fine, but please pray for her. I know that Rob and I have been on our knees every night doing that very thing. Even though it's hard, I do love her calling out "Mama? Mama? Mama?" every time she thinks I have left. She will head straight to the bottom of the stairs and look everywhere for me. I know I shouldn't love that, but it secretly melts my heart every time.

In between crying fits and clinging to me leg, she is doing well. STILL not walking. But she will take 10-12 steps constantly. Every time she's on the floor, she walks, crawls, walks, crawls, walks, crawls, but I can't get her just to take off and go. I am not really worried about it, just ready for it to happen. The thought of carrying two babies around isn't all that appealing. Her vocab is great though. She learns new words and phrases every day. She has a book with tons of household objects and she can point to a lot of them. I'll ask her every night questions like, "Where is the apple? Where is the pillow? Where is the bee?" and without fail, she will point to the right one and repeat the word. It is adorable and it makes me forget the meltdowns of the day.

So, anyway, we're here. Will's almost here and things are finally settling into place. Here are a few recent pics of B because I am sadly behind in those as well.

Faster than a speeding Meg, it's Super Bennett! And those are strawberry stains on her shirt and face. Laundry is my life these days.

My beautiful girl with the big blue eyes


Courtnie Johnson said...

She is PRECIOUS! She looks a lot like Rob but she has your mouth! Miss you guys.

Carmen & Eddie said...

Your girl is a trooper!!! I have heard (and experianced it with Sebatian) that around 14/15 months they can relapse and get clingy... so that fact that she has stayed strong for so long and is now showing a normal habit of kids her age- remarkable! We will be praying for you guys and the great new present that is soon to arrive!!!

Unknown said...

Love that bottom picture of Bennett...she is so beautiful!! :-)

Erin said...

I am so sorry to hear about Bennett's struggles. She has definitely been through alot, as have her parents...., but all of you are stronger for it. She's going to be fine! She is adorable.