Sunday, January 25, 2009


Sometimes I don't know I survive day to day. We decided to check out the traditional service today at our new church. I also thought that I might meet my new pastor, Adam, so I wanted to look nice in case I got to meet him or any of Rob's co-workers.

Picking out an outfit was a little tricky. I never lost the weight from Bennett completely and so really this pregnancy worked out pretty well. Why lose it all just to gain it back, right? That's what I tell myself anyway when the carton of carton of Blue Bell calls my name. So, clothes are not my friends right now. Actually, clothes are never my friends, but that's why I don't mind being pregnant again. Great excuse for sloppiness. That being said I pick out a pair of pants for church that don't quite fit. But my regular pants don't fit, maternity pants don't fit, and apparently caftans don't go over well here. So I put on the pair that

a. aren't jeans
b. don't have holes in them
c. aren't in a wad on the floor
d. don't have baby food all over them
e. and look somewhat decent for going to church.

I knew they were too big when I put them on, but they were my best shot. So, we get to church and I am walking in the parking lot holding Bennett. And I fall. On my knees. In front of so many people. The good thing is that I didn't drop my sweet little B. I don't want to think about me dropping her on the pavement in front of the church. So I won't. Instead I will think about the fact that when I stood up I had a big hole in my pants and two scraped up knees like a 5 year old that were bleeding.

But on I went. Into the very nice and formal service where I was sure I would meet all of Rob's co-workers for the first time. And I did so with my head held high, an aching back, two bloody knees, and a big hole in my pants, and a few people walking in behind me who were still trying not to burst out laughing.

Again, how do I make it through each day? At least my scarf looked fabulous. People were so taken with how perfectly it was tied that they didn't notice the massive gaping hole in my pants. I'm sure of it.


Courtney said...

Aw, Lauren. I hate that stage of pregnancy where nothing fits. For the record, I think you look fabulous in all the pics you post! And I bet your scarf was perfect.

Perri said...

That sounds like something I would do. At least you made your grand entrance, right?

Keri A. Ward said...

awwww...sadness!! But what a trooper! You picked right up and kept going. Yea, I turned my ankle in the church parking lot last week but (no one saw me) I still wanted to just cry and go home it hurt so bad :(
Im still praying for you! LOVE YOU

Carmen & Eddie said...

The strength you are showing is amazing!!! You are an inspiration... you are handling it all the changes in your life with great elegance:)Praying for you!

Free Wilma said...

As the Webster sibling voted most likely to fall down (and cursed with the misnomer of a middle name Grace) I literally feel your pain. Really. Truly.

Anna said...

oh i do remember that "regular clothes don't fit and squish your tummy and maternity clothes look huge" stage. blah! at 1st i laughed (the a...b...c...d...e part) and then i near about cried! i'm sure no one laughed at you though!!! you're such an amazing woman! how's your esther study going. i just love it! stay strong sweet friend! you're doing great (even when you dont feel like it). kisses to bennett from addie!

terrymary said...

So sorry to read about your fall. We've all been there! I felt like a real Bozo trying to explain to everyone last summer how I managed to break my foot getting out of my van. Who falls out of a van, anyway? Don't be falling anymore.... We don't want Eli to get hurt!