Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Travel and Teeth

As Bennett approaches her first birthday (sniff sniff) I am thinking back a lot on her first year. It hit me this morning as I was journaling that she has traveled quite a bit in her first 10 months of life. I noted that appropriately, she has been to 11 states in 11 months. And she has spent the night in 7 of them. We realized that she had spent the night in Alabama, Georgia, Florida, Louisiana, Texas, Kentucky, and Kansas. And she has passed through Mississippi, Tennessee, Illinois, and Missouri. Since her father and I both love to travel we thought that we should get her off to a good start, and it looks as if we have.

Also, we found her first tooth today! Hooray! I was starting to get a little worried, but this morning I thought I noticed something when she smiled at me and there it was! It's a big day in our house.

And finally on a completely random and side note, did anyone watch American Idol last night? I don't usually blog about TV shows, but I was so disgusted by bikini girl. All I kept thinking was that my little nieces are watching this. Doesn't Simon usually throw out people in costumes as being gimmicky? Why didn't that qualify as a costume? And all the shots from behind? Sorry. I have no idea why I included that in a post about Bennett's first tooth, but it really annoyed me. Not to the point that I would stop watching mind you, but to the point where I would interrupt a perfectly harmless blog post and vent about it.


Keri A. Ward said...

Travel baby and YAY for the first tooth!! I know that is exciting! :) Snap a pic of that precious smile and post it....cause "I wanna see" :D

Oh yea....bikini girl....WHATEVER!! The things that people get noticed! What is this world coming to? She couldnt really even sing for that matter. I dont normally watch AI but I did last night...

Courtney said...

Oh, bikini girl made me so mad. If she had shown up in jeans and a sweater, or even shorts and a t-shirt for that matter, she never would have made it through. I did have to laugh at the whole scene though. Kara and Paula's reaction was really funny.
Whatever, I don't think she can wear a swimsuit the whole time. She'll be cut in Hollywood.