Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Some KC shots

I haven't posted pictures of life here in KC yet. But I'm feeling a little crazy tonight and my husband actually unpacked our office boxes. So now you have a little crazy mixed up with a little organization and that equals USB cables. And those lead to some oh so exciting pictures. Hang on to your hats.

The (rental) homestead

The family downtown in the city

The father playing with the daughter. She's happy because she's not in the nursery.

Enjoying our first snow day. Well, I am. I think she's a little too cold to really enjoy it.

Okay, so now she is enjoying her first snow. From the warmth of the living room.


Erin said...

SO, SO, CUTE!! Bennett is quite the little lady now! We think of you so often and wonder how things are. Thanks for keeping us updated. We love you guys!

Unknown said...

Lauren, I have so enjoyed reading about your advenutres in Kansas. I am excited that Bennett got to enjoy her first snow (even if it was inside :-) ) And, I hope she is adjusting to the nursery better now. I shall always treasure my sundays with her in the nursery. I really miss you all. Sure I have my CD's, but it's not the same. This is a tad better....I love your openness and transparency. Of course, that is one of my favorites parts about you guys. Take care and stay warm!
Julie A.