Saturday, January 10, 2009

The Hard Part

I will post pics of our new house and us getting settled in here as soon as I take the time to take pictures, but here are a few from our journey here. Leaving the house we built was so hard, but saying good-bye to my nieces was even harder. One of them cried and cried until we were all just crying. I miss them all so much already, but home is just a plane ride away.

Saying good-bye to the home I adored.

Loading up for a 14 hour car ride. We were stocked up with books, toys, pacis, and snacks. Bennett was a trooper.

The dogs were not. They needed to stop more than we did.

We stopped at a McDonalds right off the interstate in Birmingham to say good-bye to my sister and her family. Everyone handled it okay....

..except for my sweet E. Here she is with Uncle Rob who has known her since the day she was born. They have a very special relationship. They took a trip to the zoo together- just the two of them, he takes her on walks with the dogs, sings her special "E" songs, has stayed up with her all night when she had a horrible cough, and sat through American Girl movies that he never ever would have watched otherwise. Here is a pic of them a few years ago at their trip to the zoo.

And here is a pic from their "see you later" last week. You can see her brave face here, but can tell that she has been crying. That was a very hard good-bye.

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Erin said...

That picture of Emmie made me and Jay BOTH cry. You can really see her trying so hard to be brave and strong. Sweet Emmie.