Thursday, January 15, 2009

I'm Learning

I have lived in Kansas for 11 days now and so I know this list will grow tremendously over the next few months, but here are a few things I have learned these past 11 days about living in Kansas that I did not know before.

1. I don't know how to wear a scarf. I thought you just threw it around your neck, but no, there's a system. Everyone has these great knots and loops and look stylish. I look like I have fabric thrown around my neck.

2. Not only do girls not wear smocked dresses, their mothers don't even know what that is. Seriously.

3. People don't hold open doors for you. And I look like an idiot when I am entering or exiting a store behind someone and I stand there expectantly until the door shuts in my face. Likewise when I hold the door open for the person behind me, they look completely shocked.

4. Chick-fil-A and some restaurant named Ted's are the only places to get legit sweet tea.

5. When loading groceries into your car you have to hold onto your cart or the wind will sweep it down the road. I finally got this after my third trip.

6. Alabama sounds like an exotic locale. And so do Tennessee and Virginia which are the other two states I have lived in for a long period of time. I am therefore "unique." I make up for it though by explaining my brief stints in New York and Montana. Now people can relate.

7. People are sick of "Wizard of Oz" references. Don't attempt at humor by using them.

8. The KC Chiefs will rise again.

I am sure I will learn more as time goes on, but for now, I am taking notes and going from there. And if anyone knows how to tie a scarf properly, please let me know before I go out in public again.


Unknown said...

You are hilarious! I love reading about your new adventures in Kansas...we sure miss you here though! :-)

Erin said...

Girl, if anyone can move from Alabama to Kansas and survive..., it's you! I think you're doing great!!

Brittny said...

hahaha! i couldn't help but laught b/c none of our friends in FL know what a smocked dress is either!! (ok, so they are originally from the NW) now, i'm no fashionista, but here's how to wear your scarf... fold it in half, place around back of neck so loose ends are on one side and loop end is on other. now push the loose ends through the loop and tighten a little. if i am wrong, let me know. we don't wear them very much down here in FL, well, some people do.

Lauren W said...

Brittny!!! Help!! I just sat here by myself like an idiot in front of my computer and tried doing what you said. I think I tried 5 times and I almost strangled myself. I seriously think I am going to have a bruise on my neck tomorrow. Can you please fly out here and help me?

Keri A. Ward said... crack me up!!

It took me a while to learn how to wear a scarf as well! :) BUT you are in luck lady....I found this for you: I would never be able to describe how to wear it to you without you getting more bruises on your neck, face, ect. I hope you enjoy! :)

ps. you could start a trend in "opening doors for others". Wouldnt that be considered "hospitality"?

Courtney said...

Go here for scarf help.

Anna said...

Check this out:

Video guide to tying a scarf - 4 different ways.

Hope things are going well!!

Lisa said...

I was just about to tell you to go to Big Mama's blog is her Fashion Friday topic! But I see it's a popular post!

Kristin said...

DO NOT GIVE UP THE SMOCKED DRESSES!!! I grew up in Boston and my mother dressed me in darling smocked dresses. Remember, I was pretty much bald till age 3 so it helped identify me as a girl. You understand. Keep that darling daughter girlie!!!

The Cybernetic Entomologist said...

MacAllister's too... Although the one in Olathe closed :(

The remaining KC location is at 87th and Ward Parkway. The Olathe location got moved to Lawrence. But it's still MacAllister's, and their sweet tea is pretty much as authentic as it gets.

You may have a little more luck finding sweet tea on the Missouri side of the line, as they're a little closer to the Mason-Dixon line.

Quik Trip and McDonald's are clueless about sweet tea. They have some brown sugary liquid substance that they claim is tea, but research seems to indicate otherwise.