Friday, March 28, 2008

Why I love my husband- except at 3:00am

So, the good news is that Bennett is now on a regular schedule. Hooray! It really helps us know when we can go out, what we can do, and when she needs to eat. We have it worked out to where she has a late evening feeding, a middle of the night feeding, and an early morning feeding. Rob and I thought this would be the perfect system. I can do the late evening and early morning and Rob would take the middle of the night. That way I could get 8 hours of sleep, Rob would only be up for 30 minutes in the middle of the night, and all would be well. husband has seemed to misunderstand that the point of the 3am feeding is to let me sleep. The past few nights have gone like this. It's 3 am and Bennett is crying. Surely Rob will hear her. I will wait a few more minutes and let my selfless husband spring from his nocturnal slumber to feed the crying child. 2 minutes pass... Rob is still snoring. 2 more minutes. Bennett is now wailing as if all food sources are purposely ignoring her. Which, may I add, they are. Well one is, and one is still snoring. Now that I am fully awake, I wake up Rob and ask him to please give her the bottle I have pumped earlier in the day. He is still snoring. I shake him until one eye half opens and he finally comprehends the situation. He dutifully gets up and goes to warm up the bottle. So now I am left listening to her cry for 5 more minutes while I await his return. Will he ever come back? She's still crying. What is he doing in there? Fixing himself a BLT while he's at it? Okay, never mind. I'm up. I'll quiet my poor crying child until the bearer of food returns. I should have just fed her myself.

So, my question is- does he not get the point that the 3am feeding is so I can sleep? Should I do this to him as payback at 6:30am? Tomorrow night should I just put her on his chest and then go sleep in the guest room for good measure? Should I sabotage his coffee in the morning so he will know what no sleep feels like?

But then, as I am laying awake at 3am I think about my sweet husband who has to work the next day and still gets up as soon as he can to help. I think about how I love listening to him take his time warming her bottle because he wants to get it just right and not harm her. I think about the fact that instead of being sound asleep, I get to listen to him sing softly to her and I get to hear her coo happily as she recognizes her daddy's arms. I even prop myself up in my bed and realize I get to watch this beautiful moment as my husband tries so hard to let his wife sleep and take care of his daughter even though he has a long day of meetings ahead of him. I also realize that she will be grown in a blink of an eye and that I have the rest of my life to sleep at night and such a brief window to experience such love between a father and his little girl. And I realize what an amazing husband I have.

So maybe I should change this post to- "Why I love my husband-especially at 3:00am."


Carmen Andres said...

what a beautiful post, lauren!

heh, it's funny, but rick was the same way when it came to the kids crying as a babies. my whole system was wired to hear those cries (still is) while they didn't even register during the middle of the night for him. i had to nudge him awake too. maybe our husbands have the same genes in that arena ;)

Courtney said...

I think they are all that way! Still to this day if Grady cries in the middle of the night from a bad dream or something, I am up before the sound leaves his lips. Chris could sleep through him standing at the foot of the bed screaming, yet he's the one who will go in and sleep on the floor of his room (once I finally get him up).

Stacy said...

Listening to your daughter's cooing and your husband's singing...SO sweet. But sleep is sweet, too, girl. I've got two words for ya: ear plugs. And don't forget the loving elbow jab -- Rob won't remember it in the morning and Bennett will thank you for it.

Of course, I'm writing this at an obnoxiously early hour on Saturday morning because I'm the one who heard Sophie yelling, "I WANNA GRANOLA BAR!" and apparently her Dad did not.

The Khans said...

Looks like rain all week, bummer. Guess we will have to play it by ear or maybe I can come visit you at your place or you at mine????