Sunday, March 2, 2008

Family picture

We have had the best weekend! My family came from Birmingham and Rob's family came from West Virginia and DC to be with us and little Bennett. More pics to come soon, but we are currently sorting through the 8000 photos that Rob and his sister Laura took with their dueling fancy shmancy cameras. Bennett had her first photo shoot today complete with drop cloths and everything, so as soon as we can get the best ones, I will post them. She handled it like a pro though until she finally asked us to stop- hence the second picture.


Carmen Andres said...

lauren, i am SO glad you are posting pics and giving us snapshots of your life in words. i don't know i'd do if if you didn't have this blog. much love!

The Khans said...

Congrats guys! She is beautiful. Can't wait to see her in person. Maybe I can venture out with the boys to see you or if you are in the neighborhood please stop by so I can meet her, and see you of course. It has been way too long. Also, you make me laugh with your comments on our blog. Where do you get the time already to keep up??? Good for you. Hope to get together soon.

Brittny said...

Hahahaha!!!!! I love the one with her arm over her eyes!! That's so sweet, yet hilarious with your comment about all the photos that have been taken. I can only imagine. Sophie has finally gotten used to them and doesn't flinch every time the flash goes off anymore. Bennett will soon learn. She'll have to! Keep the photos coming!!!