Monday, March 31, 2008

Ode to Meg

So, I have decided to blog about my forgotten child, Meg. Ever since Bennett came home from the hospital, Meg has sadly been neglected. Once a happy and sunny dog, the below picture captures her mood as of late.

So, in order to relieve my guilty conscience, I have decided to post pictures of our darling Meg. Maybe this will atone for the past 5 weeks. I know Meg doesn't understand why her leash remains hanging on a fence post day after day. Or why she is forbidden in the new pink and green room in the house even though everyone else is in there. I know she can't comprehend why her food bowl that was always filled right when she woke up now remains empty until sometimes after dinner. I know she can't grasp why her chew toy isn't being thrown to her, despite the fact that she places it on our legs every time we sit down. And I know for certain that this post will in no way make her feel better about her new position in the home, but somehow I feel a little bit better just by writing. So, below are pictures of Meg in happier times and all I can do is promise her is that those days will return again one day. And for those of you that may be wondering about our other "child", Kirby? Well, he's perfectly content just sleeping and staring at you, so I feel no need to relieve a guilty conscience there.

Back when Meg was allowed on the bed

Back when Meg was the "child" we stared at for hours

Back when all was right with the world. One day soon Meg, one day soon.

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Amanda said...

Dear Meg,
Use this time to find a "safe spot" in the house. Plot their usual feeding times, note those moments when the larger people are most vunerable and when the youngest is in that giant white porcelain tub. You will need all of this valuable information when the new addition sprouts walking legs (or even crawling)... and for when she notices you have a tail (that wags!). Then, my dear, you will get all the attention in the world - both wanted... and not.

Charlie and Squish