Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Happy One Week Birthday, Bennett

I cannot believe that it has only been a week since Bennett was born. I feel as if I have known her forever. She has had a very busy week with lots of friends and family visiting her. We sadly saw Mamaw and Grandaddy off today and are anxiously awaiting a visit from the Texas Websters. It's so amazing how I can love so many things about a newborn. You wouldn't think that they would do much besides eat and sleep, but Bennett already has such a funny personality. Whenever she opens her mouth and I put in a pacifier, she gets a horrible look on her face that says, "You did not just put this rubber thing in my mouth when I was expecting food." She also has this quirky was of shaking her head violently when she doesn't like the way you swaddled her. There are so many things I love about her that I will gush privately about in my journal instead of in an open forum, but all I can say is that I am truly happy and content and find it hard to see how life can get much better than this. Below are a few pictures of Bennett getting to know her family members.

I love my aunt, uncle, and cousins! I know that we are going to have so many fun times together. We are already planning my first trips to Disney World and New York City!

My Aunt Laura and my Mommy sure do look alike. I love to hear her laugh.

My Mommy tells me that my Nana is a very special lady. I can't wait to get to know her better. If she is half as wonderful as my Mommy tells me, then I know I will love her so much.

Grandaddy and Mamaw came a long way to see me. I was so glad that they were here when I was born. I miss rocking with Mamaw already.

This is the first of many trips to the park with Daddy Suttle. I hope he teaches me how to climb on the monkey bars one day.

Mommy Suttle is holding me while my cousins Elliot and Wyatt look on. Pretty soon I will have a new cousin to play with.

Maybe one day my Uncle Eddie will teach me to play the piano. I hear that he's very good.

And finally, one more with my Mommy and Daddy. I like this one because my eyes are actually open. I was probably scared that a golden lab was bounding towards me.

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Carmen Andres said...

oh, lauren, i'm practically crying! i LOVE the pic with your dad. wow. oh, gosh, you are so beautiful and so is your lovely, gorgeous daughter that my arms ache to hold. (oh, and rob looks good, too, heh)